Tuesday , March 2 2021

▷ Rheinische Post: Antitrust talks between EON and RWE are in progress

Düsseldorf (ots) – Negotiations between Eon and RWE with antitrust authorities are delayed. Eona's spokeswoman confirmed Düsseldorf's "Rheinische Post" (Saturday): "We have not yet submitted Innogy's takeover to European state antitrust bodies, but we are still in the preparatory talks with the European Commission." He continued: "Official submission of the project is planned in the foreseeable future, and we continue to demand that we complete the transaction in mid-2019."

Negotiations on jobs and locations are under way: "There is still no definition of the organization and the location to be affected by the reduction, and we still want to achieve synergies between 600 and 800 million euros, in all countries can cost up to 5,000 jobs," he said. is a spokesperson.

In March, Eon and RWE announced the distribution of RWE Innogy. The project was named "Sunrise", led by CEO of Eon Leonhard Birnbaum and CEO of Innogy Bernhard Günther.

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