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A revolution in cancer therapy? Bacteria as a medicine – a promising study

Photomicrograph of gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori. A study from Switzerland could revolutionize cancer therapy.

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Bacteria are said to increase the risk of cancer, while researchers want to use them as drugs. One study showed promising results.

  • A new approach from Switzerland could be Cancer therapy revolutionize.
  • The company is developing therapy in bacterium used as a cure for cancer.
  • The study should start in early 2021.

Kassel – diagnosis Krebs: For many, this is a horrible scenario, as cancer is often associated with radiation and therapies with strong side effects. Hope for Cancer drugs is high. The newly founded Swiss company wants to revolutionize cancer therapy and relies on an unusual sound option: bacteria.

Bacteria as a remedy against KrebsAt first, that all sounds unreasonable, because they are considered a danger to them health. Some bacterium they are even suspected of causing cancer. Helicobacter pylori infection, for example, is a risk factor for stomach cancer, according to a study reported by the German Cancer Society.

Bacteria increase the risk of cancer – they should now cure the disease

But so do others bacterium can risk one Cancer disease to increase. Chlamydia is suspected to promote cervical and ovarian cancer. Bacteria can also increase the risk of prostate cancer or colon cancer.

For your new Cancer therapy scientists from the Swiss start-up T3 Pharmaceuticals AG (T3 Pharma) want to use the bacterium “Yersinia enterocolitica”. After Campylobacter and Salmonella, this is the third most common bacterial pathogen registered in Germany in connection with intestinal diseases, according to the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety.

A new cancer therapy – start-up wants to inject bacteria to patients

In the coming years, the company plans to start production bacterium inject into the patient. “Live bacteria could be the next big wave Active ingredients of cancer “, says Simon Ittig, founder of T3 Pharma, Wirtschaftswoche magazine. The idea is not entirely new: One study from 2010 has already investigated whether bacteria can be used in cancer therapy.

The newly established company from Basel is one of many young companies that want this new one A form of cancer therapy put it into practice now. That’s how he lives bacterium used to defeat the focus of the arm. The use of live bacteria gives scientists the ability to transport proteins into cell cells and infect them, a process known as the type 3 secretion system.

A revolution in cancer therapy: greater chances of recovery and fewer possible side effects

This new one Cancer therapy is promising because it could cure cancer better than previously available therapies. In addition, this approach could have significantly fewer side effects than established approaches to therapy because bacterium attacked the foci of cancer from within.

The developed live “bacterial agent” is designed to multiply in tumors while the immune system kills them in healthy tissue, according to T3 Pharma. goal Cancer therapy it was “to activate the patient’s immune system for the purpose of fighting the tumor itself”.

Bacteria as drugs – a revolution in cancer therapy

Novel Cancer therapy could soon take an important step forward. In July 2020, the company received 25 million Swiss francs (about 23 million euros) from investors to advance a clinical study on its leading therapeutic candidate, “T3P-Y058-739”. The beginning of the study is planned for the beginning of 2021. Cancer patients need to be especially careful during a coronary pandemic. (Sarah Neumeyer)

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