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AKK, Merz and Spahn are for the first time represented – Domestic Policy

Now it gets serious!

For the first time, candidates for the presidency of the CDU have appeared – General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Health Minister Jens Spahn and former Leader of the Friedrich Merz faction.

▶ ︎ All three were introduced to the Women's Union in Berlin at Konrad-Adenauer-Haus. Regional conferences, in which candidates want to present a base, should begin on November 15 in Lübeck as it was called on Friday afternoon from the CDU party seat. Seven events in Mainz (20 November), Seebach (21 November, Thuringia), Halle / Saale (22 November), Böblingen (27 November, Baden-Württemberg), Düsseldorf (28 November), Bremen 30 November) before that on December 7 in Hamburg at the federal party conference during the presidency of the party.


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Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa

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These three politicians of the CDU are fighting for the succession of Angela Merkel at the head of the party: Friedrich Merz, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Jens SpahnPhoto: Michael Kappeler / dpa

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer

The AKK clearly stated in its statement: "Angela Merkel left room for a new chapter with her decision – how it should look like a party."

▶ "He relies on the Women's Union," she said, "There is no national party without a woman," she added, "Digitization is a female matter, security is a female matter, cohesion is the inherent competence of our woman." Kramp-Karrenbauer is clear: "Against women and women, there is no choice to win!"

Jens Spahn

Spahn said exactly at the beginning of his performance: "Now is the time to open a new chapter. It's time to restart."

He also said clearly: "This is a special process for the current CDU. After 18 years under Angela Merkel, after 18 good years, I would like to say explicitly.

▶ ︎ Spahn has critically commented on the culture of the debate of the recent past: "In recent years, I think, we had a social debate that the division was emphasized."

Finally, Spahn said, "I am looking forward to this discussion with the Women's Union now as the starting point for a debate that will, and will, bring the Union to the new force."

Friedrich Merz

The last round of the presentation was made by Friedrich Merz. A politician who was not active in politics for ten years, he said, "I was a member of parliament for 20 years, first in the European Parliament and then in the Bundestag, and I was also concerned about economic and financial issues, not only. . "But he was always a family politician.

▶ ︎ Merz continued: "Without a woman, this does not work, not in the family, not in the economy and in our companies, and we must do more."

At the same time, Merz wants to keep a mirror of politics, including the laws on gender equality. It would be more credible if a "good-looking" policy had progressed.

In addition, Merz clarified: "I did not give up on the assertion that the CDU Germany is one, perhaps one of the two parties, which can be integrated into the political center and at the edges."

Finally, his conclusion: "The world has changed, too!"

Background: Chancellor Angela Merkel will not reappear as a party leader at the CDU party conference in Hamburg on December 7, but will remain in office as a chancellor until the end of parliamentary mandate in 2021.

Merz promises support from CDU Chancellor Merkel

Meanwhile, it became known that Merz promised support of Chancellor Merkel in the event of his election to the CDU boss.

▶ ︎ Merz provided it at a meeting of youth union representatives on Thursday in Berlin, he told Reuters from the circles of the participants. The "mirror" also reports, citing the CDU circles that Merz Merkel had announced earlier this week in the phone call. A telephone call was held at his request. CDU politician signaled he would strive for good co-operation.

The relationship between Merkel and the former CDU / CSU parliamentary group is considered tense. He replaced him in 2002 as head of the parliamentary group.

The survey sees Kramp-Karrenbauer in the chair of the CDU

According to a recent poll, current Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer leads the CDU chairmanship race.

▶ ︎ More than three respondents in the Union (35 percent) said their favorites, as shown by the latest political barometer of ZDF. Of all the respondents, it came to a 31 percent incentive.

Thus, Kramp-Karrenbauer is a small leader of the former leader of the Friedrich Merz faction, 33 percent of the Union's supporters, and 25 percent of the respondents prefer. Health Minister Jens Spahn, on the other hand, has lagged significantly behind seven and six percent.

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