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Aldi is shamed with a heat supply – and must admit the mistake

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Talas heat spills over Germany. Aldi Süd therefore has many summer and tourist offers. The customer is entertaining on Facebook on the product in "travel assortment".

Mülheim – Summer, sun, sun: Talas heat engulfs Germany. This week should be up to 40 degrees hot. Many have been waiting for the summer after the rainy spring. Who would not want to freeze? There is no need to be abroad, even a trip from the city to the lake offers a sense of rest.

Aldi Süd: The customer finds a strange assortment of travel and doubts whether the heat has survived

Of course, a lot of money can be obtained from numerous sun worshipers and tour fans. Many discounts offer everything away from food, which can get worse, like Aldi Süd. In the discount, there are trolleys, digital cameras, and even travel irons in the so-called. Travel assortment.

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Among the tourist offers from Thursday, June 27, but also ice cream. This resourceful customer has noticed and turned to Facebook via Aldi Süd. Magdalena A. Schrieb: "Discovered in the app: I know temperatures should rise this week, but I doubt that this" assortment of travel "will survive too long? #EisGehtImmer # Ali ImHandgepäckEtwasDangerous"

The Aldi Süd social media team provides feedback

The social media team of Aldija Süda responds quickly to their post and answers Magdalen A. "Oh, that's right, we're direct to your feedback." The buyer would not have to worry about his handbag. The led is closed and at least must not be leaking, even if it is melted at high temperatures.

No heating in the office and school: Which temperature is allowed to go?

How can you make extreme heat tolerable?

In the summer, many ask, is there a heat-free office? If so, how many degrees? We will tell you what rights you have as an employee. What about hot tips for survival? Many of them are meaningless: meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann does not interrupt the words. The Swiss warns with drastic words before the tips on the heat that in his opinion can fatally end with old people.

Video: Heat – they definitely have to do it now


Aldi's festival trade was introduced in 2019 at the "Southside Festival". That's what makes Lidl long. Diskont supplies visitors to "Rock im Park". Lidl has the advantage of a customer rating.

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