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Aldi Süd: Family claims to be a spoiled product – and released

Aldi's frozen product is so inadvisable that the child immediately gets nauseated. When the family wants to complain, an employee in Aldi gives a weird answer.

Freising – a family mother bought two boxes of frozen California trout at Aldi's store in Freising and prepared and served the same night. That's her husband reported on Facebook's Aldi Süd. His 7-year-old daughter then received a violent crowd: the fish in one package were spoiled.

The next day was the Corpus Christi – a holiday in Bavaria – so your mother-in-law might only complain about the product on Friday. She turned to the account at the employee's store. But he dismissed her: she had to complain about the product the same day.

Aldi team works on Facebook relieving

Yes, if the mana goes into dinner tonight? Aldi's online team responded more reliably on Facebook, asking the clients to answer their questions to the Quality Department, mentioned the link to the contact form and promised to investigate the case.

Is the buyer reimbursed the purchase price, is not yet known. Likewise, there have obviously been no other problems with california trout, but there are other products of salmonella warning products. However, Aldi did not come for the first time under suspicion that he had ripped his money. Again, the products do not contain what is promised – as in the case of the other mother.

However, with the improvised pop-up trade at the festival, Aldi has recently demonstrated that even in difficult conditions you can offer good quality products. That's what Lidl has been doing for a long time at some other festival. One buyer finds that Lidl does it even better than Aldi.


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