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Anne Will (ARD): Seehofer's resignation provides incredible reactions

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Shortly before Anne Willlin's ARD conversation spread the message, Seehofer resigned as head of the CSU. Andrea Nahles was uncomfortable – and Jürgen Trittin complained about Seehofer.

For SPD chief Andrea Nahles, the time for her performance on Sunday night in Anne Will was not good: Shortly before the Seehofer's party – an internal announcement he wanted to surrender to the CSU presidency – came out. After Chancellor Angela Merkel had so cleverly cleaned the position of CSU chief. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was Nahles: Why not also make room for the new after the ongoing election omissions? But SPD leader simply reinterpreted the thing: "I'm new," she explained. After all, Martin Schulz was the party's success by April.

Anne Will: When sent to Seehofer's possible successor Söder, Nahles was grimacing

The news of Seehofer announced that resignation dominated the conversation even longer – though it should go in general to the loss of power of the people's parties. "How do you get rid of it?" Anne Will Andrea Nahles asks. She frowned and then hesitated, then said in a tone that sounded lightly the opposite: "Let's see who's coming." Anne would call Markus Söder and asked, "Will you do that?" The boss replied with deadly arrogance: "We know from JU and Juso days, he is not a journalist for me." The headmaster wanted to know: "Was not that a joyous encounter?" Nahles swallowed and finally laughed, struggling with "To has gone like this ".

It seemed that Seehofer was less evil than she was when compared to Söder. But then, Nahles still fought with those words, a change in the party's leadership could have the "cleansing effect," and the issues the big coalition still faces, "even a new bullet can go well."

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Anne Will: Trittin has "compassionate" with Seehofer – but he is sharply criticized

Green politician Jürgen Trittin ironically said: "In Seehofer you have to have almost compassionate things": The homeland's homeland has been "fairly homeless" in recent months – "it was obvious that CSU was not behind it." As a result, Seehofer has also become incapable of acting against his coalition partners. It is clear to him that he must also resign as federal minister of interior: in the Maaßen case he showed that "he did not own his trade" in the asylum policy "questions related to AfD".

That opinion ciceroEditor-in-chief Christoph Schwennick did not share: Seehofer's rebellion against Merkel's asylum policy, on the other hand, led to AfD's worse in Bavaria than in other states. The journalist pleaded for "little justice" for the boss still CSU: Even in the evening of Bavarian state elections, "personal consequences" were published, which meant that Söder was not clear.

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Anne Will: Editor-in-Chief of Cicer: Seehofer has followed his own master plan

For him, the message of Sunday's resignation is just the end of the "chronicle of the announced retreat". Seehofer, in his opinion, just wanted to wait until the Hesse election "to put pressure on Angela Merkel". It worked: Merkel released on Monday after Hess's election and announced his resignation as chairman of the CDU. "Seehofer's personal master plan co-operated with him," the reporter said.

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