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Augsburg: So are the beautiful Augsburg Summer Nights – Local (Augsburg)

Had the summer nights in Augsburg been successful? Impressions from the center of the city say the streets were densely filled for three days.

Hans-Christian Kölln no longer wants to leave this place. At the end of the summer evenings, Mia band's concert is heard, and the scenery is magnificent. It is delighted with the light of St. "I'm not going anywhere today, I'm staying here all night," he anticipates. With her accompanist there is the concert of singer Mieze Katz and her band. Berlinac sets the glorious end of three hot summer nights. The city was full and Hans-Christian Kölln was thrilled: "I live close and I love the summer nights," he says. The concert finds super.

With his popular songs as well as all the new compositions of Mia, on Saturday evening, Ulrich and Afrom. The great final concert of the summer nights in Augsburg with the singer Mieze Katz loudly expanded, sometimes thoughtfully well-mingled and without distraction brought the crowd to cheer and dance.

Those who rushed to the stage in front of the stage simply enjoyed a drastic electric fall on one of the many open spaces on the edge of the Maximilianstrasse. In pink boots, luxurious floral dress and knee-knee bends, the singer celebrated the theme of friendship spontaneously bringing some young people to the stage with whom she performed wild dance.

Augsburg Summer Night: Even caterers are happy

Exhausted but very pleased, numerous assistants and volunteers could finish their job for about three hours on Sunday morning. Even after this three-day missionary marathon, the mood was excellent, reports spokeswoman of Augsburg's Raphael Doderer. The rescue concept has been fully realized. The caretakers led around 200 missions, from bee kicks to a heart attack, and when the crisis intervention team had to leave.


Mia in the end: It was the third day of Augsburg's summer nights

Image: Bernd Hohlen, Stefan Puchner

Alcohol was a problem especially Saturday night. Considering the many people in three days of peaceful fun – even if the numbers increased in relation to the last party. "But there were more people on the road," Doderer says.

Caterers were also pleased. "Outstanding" is what Peach owner Leo Dietz calls this year's summer night. People came unexpectedly early this year, and at 17 pm on Maximilianstraße is fun. According to Dietzu, the external conditions for the festival could not be better. This is also confirmed by Heinz Stinglwagner from Augsburg Marketing Organizer.


Kehraus in Augsburger summer nights

Image: Bernd Hohlen

Summer nights in 2019 were full three days

Even if he does not want to give official numbers – the center of the city was full of three days. The concept of the stage in its present form proved to be full, but nowhere was the crowd. "There were observations from the air, which clearly showed that this was not critical," he said. Thanks to the early conversations there were no major problems with the locals.

The police reported about some missions during the summer nights. Especially on Friday around midnight, there was more and more bodily injuries – mostly alcohol. In one case, the officer was easily hurt when a man defended himself from an emergency. With regard to numerous visitors, the police have a positive balance.

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