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Bayern – AEK Athens in live ticker: 0: 0 – Start of the Mühsamera in Munich

Champions League live stream: Bayern – AEK Athens: 0: 0 – Munich Munchen Start

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With a win against Athens, Bayern could help a bit in the Champions League. Particularly important is the way before the weekend before the match with the BVB. Live Ticker Match.

Bayern – AEK Athens 0: 0

Bavaria: Novo – Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Alaba – Martinez – Müller, Goretzka – Gnabry, Lewandowski, Ribery
AEK: Barkas – Bakakis, Lampropoulos, Chygrynskyy, Cosic, Hult – Andre Simoes – Galanopoulos, Alef – Mantalos – Ponce

15 minutes: It could be an unpleasant night for Bayern. So far, guests make a very good impression. They are deep and compact and difficult to open spaces for Bayern players. Owned by AEK, the Greeks immediately show that they can strike well. Let's see how Nikko Kovko is dealing with this situation.

12. minutes: Kimmich takes a free kick -Lewandowski can bring the ball to the box, but South has already ignored this scene after offensive offenses.

10 minutes: Now guests from Athens, showing the first few balls. Capable, the Greeks play the ball through their ranks, and the Bayern press is too inconsistent.

7. minutes: It is now the first good opportunity for Bayern. Kimmich goes from the right to the box, Goretzka hurled to the right, but goalkeeper Barkas came to his place and calmed down.

6. minute: The next corner brings danger. Lampropoulos gets a free kick at five, focusing on the box.

5 minutes: Ponce gets a long ball through the ball and scores the ball with the counterattack. Boateng, however, watches and eliminates the angle.

3. minutes: The hosts have immediate control over this game. The Bayern players demonstrated a tedious and organized play through the net. Guests from Athens play on the back with five rows and can now fall.

1. minute: The ball rolls at Allianz Arena! Judge Jugoslavija Jug whistles this game.

20:39: "Leave me cold, I'm absolutely calm," says Kovac in Heaven about the theater of recent days and weeks. "Athens has two more defensive players than the first leg, so we have to keep the ball fast and we have a quick decision in mind, since we had a bigger chances in the first game against Athens than in the games before, because we were better off in the penalty area."

20:02: In Sky television, expert Ewald Lienen is on the theme of Lise Müller. "This is an absolute shortage, from women anyway," says Technical Director FC St. Pauli, "but even the player would not do it." Wife Thomas Muller criticized coach Nike Kovac for Instagram during 1-1 defeat against Freiburg because Müller left at the start of the club.

19:51: The lists are known. Bayern started Müller, Goretzka and Gnabry at eleven. Robben is hurt because James is sitting on the bench.

19.10 o'clock: Domestic win in the Champions League against AEK Athens is mandatory for Bayern, but the explosive Bundesliga summit against Borussia Dortmund in Bayern Munich has long been the focus.

"The game against Athens is important for Saturday, but we still have to see the match separately," coach Niko Kovac said coach before Wednesday's domestic match against Greek soccer champions. "I know that after the game, everything about Dortmund, and the importance we have to bring to AEK is important."

19.00 clock: The most important information in advance:

Background: After 2: 0 victory over Munich two weeks ago in Athens, everyone is expecting another success. With victory Bayern could qualify too early for a win in the stage if Benfica loses against Ajax Amsterdam.

"We have a chance to win and we have to win," Kovac said. For this purpose, the team should note the speed for the Bundesliga match in Dortmund because defeat there will increase the gap for BVB at seven points. "Dortmund comes after that," said Joshua Kimmich.

series After the perfect start of the season seven wins in seven racing games followed four games without a win. Then the record records fought for four successes, but on Saturday against 1-1 Freiburg was the next strong mood swings. "It was a no-screen victory," said international Kimmich. "We want to win the game in a sovereign manner to restore our confidence."

confidence: The pressure on Kovac is enormous. Kovac considers "internal absolute support". Kimmich points out that the team is "absolutely" behind the coach. "At the end of the day he is not a field coach but a player," said the 23-year-old.

staff: Arjen Robben is due to the collapse of the next Bayern failure, the use of James Rodriguez is questionable. After all, Colombian was in the final training, which was not abnormally held in the morning, in court. Missing long-term injured Thiago, Corentin Tolisso and Kingsley Coman. The latter made further steps to return this week.

eddy: Memorable press conference, Instagram post, interior from cabin – currently Bayern in turbulent condition. "Personally, that did not bother me, three and a half years was always a mess," Kimmich said. "I think we all have to be big enough for the professionals, it does not bother us in the field."

rotation: The face of many injured stars, the personal circumstances of Kovač are limited. "We have a great, quality team and everyone has the right to play in Bayern Munich," said the coach. "Everyone gets their chance, the key is what we have to do." Still, it remains exciting, leading into the central defense and which remains despite many failures in the middle ground.

opponents: AEK Athens wants to leave after 0: 2 at home in Munich, at least respectable of the affair. 0: 0 in the city derby against Panathinaikos in Athens did not bring confidence. A defeat would be considered a success for the guests.

In video: Players reveal internal: Niko Kovac warns Bayern's moles regarding "Caesar and Troy"

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