Saturday , June 19 2021

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday: Which customers should pay attention to

Well, this is not the fifth Monday in November. No, actually, Cyber ​​Monday is Monday after Black Friday. Also during the afternoon battle day. And Amazon still could not get enough and created the entire Cybernet Week on Monday right now. It's already running. And more: As part of this week's announcement, there are discounts many days ahead so it feels like somehow is November's American bargaining the moon. Now again says, "Daily new deals up to 50% have been reduced." And that is still insufficient.

Super cheap to fill the basement

And it has a spectacular impact on many of us. Because normally in the market economy supply and demand determine the price. On Black Friday and the week of the Cyber ​​Internet Week, however, bidding and pricing requires driving. In other words, we buy the most useless garbage, because it looks like they are so low prices. Buying in the basement. With a good sense of really saving coal. And vice versa, with dull panic in the chest, missed a fantastic explosive offer due to the stupid negligence, and then two weeks later in contemptuous naiveté a thousand times to pass through her. You do not need these things today or tomorrow. It's just about the triumph of drunkenness. It's called a shopping spree.

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