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Bundeswehr: Dali Heckler & Koch Provides Heir to G36?

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Bigger caliber, more pallets – a new rifle for the Bundeswehr

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Heckler & Koch and the Ministry of Defense are concerned

The new assault rifle Bundeswehr has a potential for conflict. Heckler & Koch is accusing the Ministry of Defense of choosing the successor G36 fairly and informally.

Bundeswehr needs heir to G36. Former General Inspector Harald Kujat requires an assault rifle, which is obviously better than an opponent's weapon. It is based on Heckler & Koch. There is already a model with more power.

DHe has appointed a new chief of Heckler & Koch supervisory board who expects the gun manufacturer to supply the accompanying rifle G36 Bundeswehr. He does not want to interfere in the controversy, former chief inspector Harald Kujat, WELT AM SONNTAG, said, "From everything I've seen, there is no alternative." Heckler & Koch is because of its leading weapon technology. "It is a key role for our national security and must be maintained and strengthened." He wanted to make his contribution.

77-year-old Kujat will be elected to the Supervisory Board of Heckler & Koch at the upcoming Annual General Meeting, where he will assume the chair. The strings were withdrawn by the public shameless major shareholder Andreas Heeschen. He wants to use the intimate acquaintance of the Bundeswehr with Kujta and the procurement process as the chief inspector.

The gun rifle must be superior to the other

For the company, the supplement to the competition was life insurance. Although Heckler & Koch has high debts and ended with the loss of 2018, Kujat expects a successful future. "This company is 100 percent sustainable economically and financially," he said. There are plans to expand activities. The company is on the right track.

The former general demands that German soldiers get an assault rifle that is better than their opponents' weapons. He points out that "a larger caliber has higher kinetic energy and can therefore be used at a greater distance from the enemy." Kalashnikov also uses 7.62 millimeter caliber larger ammunition from the Bundeswehr with currently 5.56 millimeters in the G36.

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Commanding special forces, swimmers and American special forces are already using Heckler & Koch larger caliber rifles. "Our soldiers need to get what they need to fulfill their mission with maximum security," says Kujat.

In his view, it should not be assumed that soldiers are working with their assault rifles along with other weapons systems and therefore can accept a slightly lower impact. "I think that's a mistake. "Weapons network is not always guaranteed in practice. "We can not assume the optimal situation." We have to give the soldiers the confidence and trust to survive their weapons at any time. "

He will soon be retired: an assault rifle G36

He will soon be retired: an assault rifle G36

Source: dpa

The Bundeswehr must be prepared for national and federal defense against the constitution, says Kujat. "Soldiers also need weapons of high intensity fighting, even at distances." In addition, long-term planning must be planned. The new assault rifle must have the "ability to be superior even after twenty years." Armed forces are an instrument of foreign and security policy. "So they need the best materials and weapons they can give them a technologically advanced country like Germany."

Kuyers acknowledges that he is not yet familiar with the many financial details of the company. He is not concerned that gun opponents are often criticized for the activities of Heckler & Koch, including at general meetings. "I had quite different challenges."

Heckler & Koch continues to struggle with red numbers

Heckler & Koch continues to lose despite increased business. According to the annual report, financial problems were mitigated by two bridging loans from the majority shareholders who were not listed.

Source: WORLD / Sebastian Struwe

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