Sunday , January 24 2021

Cologne is preparing for a diesel lift ban

Cologne –

Following the judgment of the Berlin Administrative Court on the closure of diesel vehicles in the federal capital, signs in Cologne in order to arrive at a driving ban from the following year.

On November 8, the Cologne Administrative Court decides on German Environmental Protection Complaints against the Clean Air Plan. "Judges are expected to adhere to the 40-micron nitrogen oxide limits," the city said on Wednesday.

Routes should not be blocked

If this is not done within the time limit set, driving restrictions can be considered a measure. However, blocking individual routes rejects the city. That would only lead to the roundabout.

In Cologne, the values ​​have clearly been exceeded on six roads, the leaders of NRW are the Clevische Ring in Mülheim. The economy requires exceptions for commercial traffic and transitory periods in view of the danger of driving ban. "Companies must have a chance to change their fleet, so we need a transitional period of at least six years," said Deputy Managing Director of IHK Köln Ulrich Soenius.

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