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Corona only: According to the internal paper, Söder wants a significant tightening – and a new lock

On Monday, 16 Prime Ministers allowed Angela Merkel to work coldly with her newspaper Corona. Bavaria is now drawing up initial proposals – for schools, border control and New Year’s Eve.

Munich – The German chancellor has not seen as unstable for a long time as on Monday night. The otherwise sober Angela Merkel has been confused several times. It was a busy day. And God does not know any pleasant. Your Chancellor has begun consultations with the Coron with a thick package of full measures, most of which have been abolished by the Prime Minister. Ultimately, the round was postponed to November 25th. This time, everyone agrees, the agreement should work in advance – which is why we discussed individual measures behind the scenes at an early stage.

Corona: Bavaria moves away from its former Christmas goal – and sets dates for end of lock-in

Nothing is certain yet. But that Munich Mercury is an exclusive worksheet from the Bavarian State Office, which shows where the trip is going. That is the basis for preliminary talks within the countries, which are likely to drag on until Wednesday. So, it is not yet a matter of fixed resolutions, Bavaria has only compiled the positions of several states. Further work should follow by Wednesday.

Tightening Contact restrictions therefore it could have been less strict than in the proposal put forward by the office on Monday. The reduction to one contact per household caused widespread dissatisfaction, especially among family members. Instead, the paper says, “Citizens are called upon to keep a group of people in another household as constant as possible.” So this is not a ban or a requirement, but an appeal.

As expected, she sees one Extension of partial locking before – although the exact date is still open. The paper lists several variants: the shortest extension would be on December 15th, and the longest on January 15th. Alternatively, there is the possibility of extending the lock until just before Christmas (December 20) or shortly after New Year’s Eve (January 2).

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Ahead of the Corona summit with Merkel and Söder: Bavaria’s bitter proposals are a defense for gastronomy, Christmas and winter sports

Stay with the extension Restaurants and cultural institutions further closed. Accommodation offers can be available only to guests who are not tourists. This is especially hard for winter sports. “The Christmas holiday should be held at home this year,” is the Bavarian line.

“Christmas break this year should be held at home.”

State Government Internal Gazette

Retail, however, remained open. Residents are invited to do Christmas shopping during the week to avoid the crowds on Advent Saturdays. The paper even considers the possibility of making store opening hours more flexible from 1 December. It can be doubted that this will really become the position of the CSU-led government.

Corona: Schools, border control and New Year’s Eve – Bavaria remains resilient

In the field of education – in the case of Bavaria – the previous provision remains: Schools and kindergartens remained open. However, face-to-face teaching should continue only until the seventh grade and until the final grades. “In special foci of infection, the so-called transition model is introduced in all types of schools from the 7th grade onwards. In order for groups to be formed in each class, face-to-face and distance lectures are alternated, ”it says. The local health department will decide on the question of what the focal point of the infection is based on based on the seven-day incidence. The paper still leaves open the critical value of what is the focal point.

Also for Limitations compliance with quarantine regulations should be re-examined more closely and monitored. “Federal police will therefore increasingly check evidence of online registration at border crossings until the Christmas holidays,” the paper says.

Corona in Bavaria: is Söder saying goodbye to the big Christmas goal?

The measures are naturally intended to reduce the number of new infections. Merkel and Söder clearly set an incidence value of 50 as a target on Monday. So far, the goal has always been a normal Christmas. The paper departs from this: “This Christmas will not be comparable to previous Christmases. It will be possible to meet only in a close family circle “, he says.

It is already recommended to plan restrictions on visits to the primary family (ie grandparents, parents, children), cancel larger family meetings “and spend the days before Christmas with special attention to general hygiene rules to reduce the risk of infection”.

New rules on the crown: After the rage over the Merkel paper, it is now the turn of the state

Until now, meeting templates had always been made in the chancellery – and often came out in print the night before. As a result, prime ministers felt increasingly confronted with a fait accompli. This is another reason why countries now want to become more active themselves. The leadership is actually held by the ruling mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, who is chairing the Prime Minister’s Conference.

Söder, acting as a representative of the Union-led countries, acts as alternate. Therefore, the work should also serve as a working basis for the countries of the Union. A state government spokesman said at the request: “There is no authorized document on possible further measures. In any case, a joint motion for a resolution would have to come from the federal state of Berlin, which currently chairs the conference of prime ministers. Such a proposal has not yet been made. “However, Söder ‘s” competitor “Armin Laschet also spoke out on Friday demanding how tread* reported. and colleagues from * keep you informed of any further developments in the news lock discussion. *, and are part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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