Saturday , January 16 2021

DAX – I found another signal

CAC 40 – WKN: 969400 – ISIN: FR0003500008 – Price: 5,106.75 points (Euronext Paris)
DAX – WKN: 846900 – ISIN: DE0008469008 – Price: 11.529,16 points (XETRA)
Relative strength of ranking of European indices

Price 19.10. can be read in DAX as a small inverse SKS. So far, the track has been withdrawn, but from low to 26.10. just high. It is difficult to have any dynamics. Other European indices such as CAC40 (France), Bel20 (Belgium) or AEX (Netherlands) also formed small inverse SKS strips. However, more dynamic and more convincing structure. Sometimes you have to turn every stone on the market and look for the signals. It is possible that the more beautiful inverse SKS outlines among other Europeans show that, unfortunately, with some forests and even on the European stock market, it is still possible.

If the DAX rises above 11,680 points at the end of the day, which is dynamically possible (which is unlikely to happen), it triggers a weak (!) Purchase signal with a target of 12,068. In 12.068, the more confirmed death line (red triggers) goes from 15.06. The CAC40 must rise above 5.170 points to boost the purchase signal with the target 5.330. A short-time signal is also possible. Mid-term completed signals are not available on the European stock market. I would like to talk about it, but we have to take what the signal market is launching.

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