Monday , November 30 2020

DFB: Brotherhood of three world champions – difficult announcement for Löw: “It’s time”

After the embarrassment of 0: 6 against Spain, football Germany is in turmoil. The three world champions now clearly lay claim to Joachim Löw.

  • The Horror play against Spain ensures the work of the national coach * Joachim Löw in question.
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger,, Manuel Neuer and Mesut Ozil position yourself clearly.
  • You are clearly telling Löw – Müller,, Boateng and Hummels should be returned.

Sevilla – Germany are embarrassed. The national team seems to have hit rock bottom six years after winning the World Cup. The League of Nations-Desaster against Spain showed where the team is five games ahead of the European Championship. With the biggest defeat in 89 years, discussions are inevitably coming back, national coaches Joachim Löw I would like to mark it.

DFB disaster against Spain: does Löw have to go now? World champions make clear demands

“I was speechless,” he said Bastian Schweinsteiger already during the game. And he faltered in his role as HIGHLY-The expert is not ahead of the plain text. “You have to change something. So you can’t appear as a German national team. We were declassified, it was awful. “The debate has long since reached Löw’s position. Is his journey over now? That will be possible successor acted. Also international press critically see your future.

It was clearer than ever that the German team lacked leadership figures. “I only heard Spanish on the pitch,” Schweinsteiger said, saying what every fan should have noticed. He unequivocally called for a return Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller.

DFB disgrace: Schweinsteiger and Özil call for return of Müller and Boateng

“The state coach has one opinion, I have another,” the 2014 world champion explained. “I know players like Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller have won a triple with FC Bayern *. They play in the first team, they have quality. Why not for the national team? He asked in astonishment. Schweinsteiger is not the only one to hit the target. Mesut Ozil became even clearer and opened Loew Twitter announcement: “It’s time to bring Jerome Boateng back.”

DFB captain Neuer advocates for the return of the trio

And last but not least, the DFB captain commented * Manuel Neuer on the subject — even before the shame of Spain. He also advocates for the return of the trio. “All three players could help us,” he said Sports image. “After all, none of the three of them have finished their DFB careers.”

It is unlikely that Löw will reverse his decision. After the game, not much could be heard about self-criticism. He and Oliver Bierhoff you want to continue the journey together. The debate over the ousted players is not in the forefront for Löw – now it is primarily his job as a national coach. (epp) * is part of the Ippen editorial network.

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