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FC Bayern: Müller distributes against ARD reporter in front of millions of viewers: Now she is clearing things up

Thomas Müller was fully served after the embarrassment of the FC Bayern DFB Cup in Kiel. In a live interview, he pounced on an ARD reporter – now her reaction follows.

  • DFB Cup: Defending champion FC Bayern Munich surprisingly fails in taking penalties for the second league Holstein Kiel (7: 8 nE).
  • World Champion Thomas Müller is fully served after relegation in the second round.
  • Super star FC Bayern snapped in a live interview in front of a million-strong audience ARD reporter na – the journalist has now responded to his apology.

Update as of January 14, 8:15 PM: Thomas Müller was “served” after the elimination against Kiel and in an interview accused an ARD reporter of laughing at him. Now clarify Valeska Homburg case. “It was a lot of adrenaline, so was I. It wasn’t laughable, it was a reflex for them Relax your mood. Sorry about that, Thomas Müller, ”said the journalist picture.

“In his first response, Thomas Müller analyzed all the sporting details. It was an attempt to get something atmospheric out of it: did Hansi Flick already say something about classifying in the locker room, etc. It’s definitely better. No offense, Thomas Müller, ”Homburg explained. Müller stood up for his own Frustration reaction meanwhile he apologized to Instagram. “She is OK with us. I find his reaction at yesterday’s interview very nice“An ARD journalist said.

She even had words of praise for Müller: “As agreed, Bayern came to talk after the game. I think it’s great that Thomas Müller comes out of the locker room after such a game and asks himself questions. This shows Nature. “

FC Bayern embarrassed in DFB Cup in Kiel – Müller apologizes for frustrated interview

Update as of January 14, 2:30 p.m.: Thomas Müller rows back: After a sloppy appearance on an ARD microphone, Bayern star Thomas Müller speaks openly Journalist Valeska Homburg. over Instagram he apologized for that “Frustration in an interview”.

Addressing an ARD reporter, Müller wrote: “We could both have done it a little better – no offense“.

FC Bayern Munich: DFB-Pokal-Aus vs. Holstein Kiel – Thomas Müller fights

First report from January 14: Munich / Kiel – Bastian Schweinsteiger and Thomas Müller they know each other very well. For years, the two upper Bavarians played together for FC Bayern Munich in Bundesliga. In 2014, they became world champions with the German national team.

But while ARD Schweinsteiger expert on TV DFB-Pokal-Blamage his Bayern on Holstein Kiel (7: 8 nE) factually analyzed, there was a visible crunch in the player Müller. Speaker FC Bayern worked in a live interview with ARD Fully served in front of an audience of millions.

“You couldn’t feel the determination the Kielers had,” he said Schweinsteiger in the analysis and said: “It all worries about Säbener Street. You have to turn the screws again. “It simply came to our notice then Müller.

FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Müller is fully served after the bankruptcy of the DFB Cup in Kiel

“The conclusion is that we lost to an outsider from Kiel, who put everything in balance. We had a lot more play and access in the first half. It wasn’t a hint of a cup sensation. We’ve been talking about the first goal for a while now. We have to put on a shoe, ”he said Müller and said of his emotional state, “It’s very, very disappointing.”

The ARD reporter But she didn’t give up, she kept asking (what was her job) and seemed happy. At least it obviously was Thomas Müller this impression – and became thinner in front of millions of TV viewers.

Thomas Müller on ARD: The FC Bayern star looks up to a journalist in a TV interview

“Are you laughing here now?” He asked the reporter. This answered, “No!” Müller but said energetically, “Of course you laughed! Mood? We are of course served! You can imagine that the mood is not good. ”

Online reactions did not wait long. For example, a Schalke fan wrote, “And then get stupid. Embarrassing … ”The journalist finally put her question in perspective and thanked her for the interview. The miller? Step angry: “Yes, thank you, please.” (pm)

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