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FC Schalke 04: So the set was defeated in Frankfurt for S04

FC Schalke 04 did not just leave three points in Frankfurt. In the 0-3 defeat against Eintracht there is another loss of appeal – Mark Uth.

Frankfurt – Used Sunday Mark Uth and FC Schalke 04 at Eintracht Frankfurt. With 0: 3 (0: 0), the miners lost, but the royal blue offensive man did not just have to deal with defeat. After 53 minutes, his volley hit the crossbar. Uth was injured and was sent off with no detode. The tragic symbol of bankruptcy in Frankfurt – Uth on the ground, Schalke in the field.

Knappen and Frankfurt started with great pressure in the game, but without a concrete conclusion. The first real opportunity for Schalke was Uth after 34 minutes. Daniel Caligiuri skipped the corner from the host, kicked off the counterattack but was too hesitant – Uth had too little space. Not 20 minutes later, the Schalke striker again ran in the middle. Sneaky start.

Uth is hurt

The former Hoffeneheimer immediately grabbed his left thigh, jumped, fell. Physios came to the aid, paramedics ran to the market – Uth was hurt without any external influence. From this point, the terrorist forces of Frankfurt still play. Without Utha missing the last ride in the mining center, and the defensive royal blue ever shrunk, Eintracht took advantage of their chances.

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"By the 60th minute, our three-way chain made it remarkable," Schalke manager Christian Heidel said after the game. Yes, but only 60 minutes. Salif Sané and Benjamin Stambouli looked tired, slow. However, Eintracht Trio Haller, Rebić, Jovic ignited the turbo. Schalker's stance was particularly bitter when they scored 0: 1: The attack before, Breel Embolo had a lead on the slipper, but failed Kevin Trappa.

Penalty for Schalke?

"The box was a touch. If it falls, we get a penalty," coach S04 Domenico Tedesco said. He could, he could, but he did not. And so Schalke caught the goalkeeper, admitted in the 74th and 80th minutes he still hit the two and three.

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After that: silence in the curve. Traveling fans were silent on their team after the final whistle, some were tormented. Heidel understands it. "I also ate five minutes at the bank. It's difficult if you lose this 0-3 game," he said. He did not mean anything good, no sense. After eleven meetings, Schalke are on the 14th place with ten points, just one point ahead of the relegation and two points without a direct exit zone.

Schalke collects swatter in Frankfurt

"That's where you get a mortgage from the bad start of the season," Tedesco said. And this mortgage has now increased. The defeat in Frankfurt was hurt, he discovered weaknesses – and he was hurt by Mark Uth. Costly prices. It has structural muscle injuries, it probably will be longer. The club said at the request – but did not want to be taken into speculation. Exact investigations must follow. In the upcoming international vacation, therefore: Early licking.

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