Saturday , January 16 2021

Forest fire hell in Malibu, California: Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga must clean homes

In southern California, the authorities have again called residents in areas threatening whales to accompany evictions. Stay away from Malibu, warned the Mayor of the celebrity's place on Saturday. Dozens of houses were burning there and the situation was still dangerous.

As described "Bild" (content based on fees) belongs to the burned houses and is owned by Thomas Gottschalk. According to the data from "Bild" Gottschalk was at the time of the accident in Germany. His wife Thea and about 100 other people were brought to safety.

Malibu and neighboring towns on the northern edge of Los Angeles were completely evacuated. So called. Woolsey's flaming claim to Saturday night was more than 280 square kilometers.

Luxury villas have left

Malibu villa

In the luxurious town of Malibu, many villas have fallen with the flaming sacrifice.

Many celebrities have expensive villas on the coast and in the neighboring mountainous country. Stars such as singer and actress Lady Gage, director and winner of Oscar Guillermo del Toro, and television stars Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian were affected by eviction. He and his wife were taken to safety on the beach, said 78-year-old Martin Sheen's star Apocalypse Now. There is little hope that her house is still standing.

Lady Gaga is a great thank you to the firefighters, the police and the assistants. "You're a real hero," wrote the star on Twitter. Kim Kardashian called a short message service for donations to firefighters. (AP)

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