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GZSZ star Timur Ülker: "I'm not such a marriage" | regional

Berlin – Almost as Cinderella, but without a bad applause, actor Timur Ülker (29) introduced his Cinderella, Caroline Steinhof (29), into shoe business. The BILD speaks of the GZSZ star, which also separated from love for happiness, as she plans a perfect application for her very pregnant girlfriend.

At that time he was the head of the branch, Ülker saw her through the shop window and blew it up: "What a sleepy woman, this is the woman I want to grow older with, if not, will not be," thought GZSZ. and invited them to their birthday.

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Scene from GZSZ: Nihat (Timur Ülker) shows his best side with Katrin (Ulrike Frank)

Photo: RTL

Soon after they came together, after six months Caroline became pregnant. But in 2017 Ülker decided for freedom and career. He broke up with Caroline and signed for the show "Adam and Eve" to look for his body-free happiness.

For Steinhof, it's not unproblematic, as BILD explains: "First of all, he asked me about my attitude, but I did not like it, but we talked in detail and in the end I wanted him happily, I thought he was great, opinion.

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Since the New Year 2017, the two are happy together again

Photo: Thomas Spikermann

ÜLker today does not complain about his decision: "It was an important step in many ways. First of all, I realized again what I really had about Carou. On the other hand, I invested the money that came from the show in my education, career and savings my daughter's bill. "

Since the New Year 2017, the two are the heart and soul again, their second child is already on their way. Calculate date of birth: October 19. For Steinhof it is clear: "Anyway, the baby should be born in Berlin. We take care of our babies and watch the clinics."

For Seeker, the day of birth will be quite athletic: "I'll turn up until the time comes, when the call arrives, we turn the scene, then I'll come into the car, pick up Caro and go to the hospital," Iley's daughter (4) little brother, while Caroline is still waiting for a marriage proposal for perfect happiness.

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A couple in conversation with BILD reporter Susanne Gietl

Photo: Thomas Spikermann

"Honestly, I'm not a type of marriage!", Admitted Ülker BILD. "The marriage is symbolic and I think it has a very high value with Caroline, so I want to make a request.

So Ülker plans a perfect application. "It should give a moment of surprise, I would like to build the peak of expectations, and suddenly it does bam!" Caroline looks relaxed: "It all fits me. The main thing, the request comes at some point."

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