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He played Diablo Immortal – behind the store: Trivial Game

Diablo Immortal is a decent mobile game, but not more.Diablo Immortal is a decent mobile game, but not more.

Blizzard is an exception studio. His Games: Pioneering! However, it has never been able to release such a storm because of the announcement as Diablo Immortal. Anger had little to do with the actual content of the title and its playful qualities. It is enough that Blizzard first made his most sought after fans hoping and then presented only a mobile move. We were all more curious: what is really the game behind all the excitement?

The truth is surprising and exciting. Diablo Immortal is not a disaster. Even a decent mobile examiner. This is just the first game of Blizzard that is nothing special.

Playing Mobile Diabla

At BlizzCon we played a short demo for Diablo Immortal and beaten up as wizards, barbarians, and monks in a short dungeon. Soon it became clear that we can not expect anything newer than newer: Blizzard uses almost the same control as the Chinese partner developer NetEase in his own RPG Endless of Gods action. With our left thumb we control our hero over the classic virtual joystick, the real is responsible for the skill wheel. Each hero can equip five out of twelve skills at the same time, with one finger touch we release them.


In the lower right corner are our five skills: the standard attack and the four skills that make up.


If you press the skill button, we can still move the thumb to move the position of our meteor as here.

Great trick of service that we can pull your fingers crossed and target. Then the barbarian turns in the direction of the movement of the fingers. Some capabilities load even more damage or greater radius while holding the button and setting the target marker.

Well, that might not be a revolutionary idea, but it works well. As a mobile messenger ten minutes in between, Diablo Immortal can be fun! Especially because it looks great for mobile phone conditions and is best captured by the Diabla 3 style. But its biggest and most important task, which does not meet it.

What fans would love: It could look like Diablo 4 (Plus podcast)

Great question of faith

"Playing is a belief" was Blizzard's announcement announcement – anyone who plays Diablo Immortal should also believe in it. Believe that Mobile Diablo he never knew he really wanted to have it. Just as we thought Diablo's console was impossible for years, and after 10 minutes on gamepad, we were absolutely delighted! Immortal still does not succeed in this venture.

Diablo Immortal - First Feature: How Mobile-Diablo Works "width =" 16 "height =" 9


Diablo Immortal – The First Game: How Mobile-Diablo works

Because it just feels too much like a tough version of Diablo 3. It does too much concessions on a weaker mobile platform without having to do it with its own power. It does not start the same power of anger as a model of the computer, throwing us much smaller hordes of hordes over the knife (more technically it is not in it) and burning far less spectacle. In addition, the whole star seems slower, probably not overstating mobile control. It is not that this danger really exists: it is immortal so simplethat we did not even have to go to great dimensions in order to direct our skills.

After we had a ten-minute demo with each sign, we did not want to get dropped or beat 300,000 on Youtube. But we also did not have a great need to continue playing. Especially because Blizzard brought a totally wrong version to the fair.

Diablo Immortal - Blizzard ignores his most trusted fans and blizzard BlizzCon catastrophe "width =" 16 "height =" 9


Diablo Immortal – Blizzard ignores his favorite fans and blizzards BlizzCon catastrophe

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