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Illner for Merkel-Nachfolge: Symptomatic Content – Media

  • Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was allowed to be released from his CDU chairmanship.
  • Wolfgang Kubicki shoots from outside the box.
  • And other guests did not contribute anything to the program.

"We have to make a point here very quickly," says Maybrit Illner after an hour, and then the question in the room, exactly where he wants to set the point. After a relaxed conversation on Thursday night, which has just overcome the problems of almost all parties, even without any entry under the surface? Behind the Ways of Speaking Spectrum Experts, who miss their statements with a beautiful routine? Or behind Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's job interview?

"The situation is very serious"

Many in the SPD are tired of having to always consider the union in the coalition and "are no longer in a mood for compromise". Party leader Andrea Nahles invites potential rivals: who thinks he can do better, needs to report.

Interview with Mike Symansky

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When it comes to the national presidency of the CDU and wants to be invited to Angela Merkel in December, she does not even have to go to the polls. He just sends a report on this latest Maybrit Illner talk show delegates, and then he knows how the secretary stacks, what he wants and what he can do. If the members of the party do not have the time to watch the whole program, look at the timeline of Twitter in the show, as most @_A_K_K_ statements detail.

More than twenty of her statements are striking by Illnera's editors during the show. Every half of the quotation sentence is immediately reflected and should be an explosion, where it is actually banal. "I have argued with Angela Merkel several times, and I can say from my own experience: it can also be extremely loud." This sentence appears twice. Potter Thousands: The Chancellor may also be loud. Hammer messages. So far, they all assumed that Angela Merkel always ruled by a whisper.

And then there's a commitment to keeping a whole series of election campaigns behind it. "In the end, people want someone who seriously understands them, so I do not think my chances are bad." This, in the end, documents that she lacks a firm will.

Perhaps you should write it from the beginning as the title of the movie about the show: "@_A_K_K_. It really wants to." Then you would spare the contradiction between the main actress and the really used title. They read "New Alliances, Old Faces – What's Next with Merkel?" and sounded a bit too tedious given the fact that it was almost just about Kramp-Karrenbauer. Obviously, the candidate wants to find out exactly this, this supernatural, computational accounting that leads people to think they are boring.

In this connection, it is also difficult for Illner to show a serious interest. When Kramp-Karrenbauer made his first statement with excellence, but largely without emotion in the room, the moderator was pleasantly lively. "We know this text from them, now we are more specific," she says. But unfortunately, it does not become more concrete. Instead of general because it serves one voice after another. Suns, anchor centers, state failure, diesel and minimum wage are all on offer. There is no difficulty for the applicant. Call your replica from the road.

Because the remaining guests are hard to bother. These are only needed as reference stations for interruptions in the conversation between Kramp-Karrenbauer and Illner. But it does not look like a housewife really cares about her. He just wants to know how things will go on with them, if the CDU somehow goes on and, as you know, even the CDU does not know how to proceed. Respondents then say it depends on how this is going on, but it does not want to depend on it. And then Kramp-Karrenbauer again.

Symptomatic lack of content

In the meantime, it is quite possible to see a certain degree of disinterest in the main character, as if no one seriously understands the candidacy, as if everyone has already tried to win one of the other two candidates.

Of course, this is not fair, but if Illnera's editors call, then you go, even at the risk of announcing just a few points of view. But then you can solve it before the audience is interested.

Kramp-Karrenbauer calls for strict control over delinquent asylum seekers

They must be rejected not only for re-entry into Germany, but for the entire Schengen space for life, says the chairman of the CDU.

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As Wolfgang Kubicki gives almost like the usual Spielfeldrandspötter of the FDP, Janine Wissler has condemned injustice to the left, and political advisor Michael Spreng slightly misunderstood his role and is involved in dissatisfaction. You can say he thinks he knows better. God. Kevin Kühnert, President of Jus, has almost shrunk with his seriousness.

The symptomatic pay gap is a brief dialogue on the future of the CDU. "It needs to be consolidated in the Grand Coalition," Spreng commands, causing Kubicki to lose "How?" and gets a very cogent answer: "By introducing good politics." Man, it is necessary to blast the time that the CDU says it is necessary to make a reasonable policy. There was never anyone at the party itself.

But these guys do not care anyway. It's about Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, whose application moderator seems to be a bit boring. "Can a chancellor do?" At some point he wants to know a little bit sharply, but at the end of the question he knows he will never get a satisfactory answer.

Not long before the end, Kubicki then gives partisans. "Free democracies are not afraid of death or hell," he says, giving SPD another tip: "You better fight up upright than squint."

At the latest to the point, the lecturer is probably very happy that someone has turned on the clock, and the clock is rum. Illner looked into the camera and said the final sentence. "We need to make a point and do it very quickly." In the end is salvation.

Great chances of the CDU

Looks like Annegreta Kramp-Karrenbauer shows that the CDU will experience an exciting and completely open race for the presidency. At the same time, others suddenly look very old.

Comment by Stefana Brauna

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