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Intel raises its employees to a strong AMD competition

Walden Kirsch, head of Intel's Inner Circuit News, informs his colleagues about the upcoming competition of the AMD Ryzen 3000 (Matisse) and Epyc 2 (Rome) processors. In the long introduction and in the text of questions and answers with Steve Collins from Intel's "Competition Monitoring Team," Kirsch explains that AMD has grown into an unknown power.

Kirsch and Collins compare the situation with The appearance of AMD Athlon 20 years ago and emphasizing that Intel was strengthened from the weakest stage.

According to internal employee information released as a screen shot through Reddit, Intel expects the AMD Ryzen 3000, coming July 7 to 12, to hit its Core i-9000 with a maximum of 8 cores in multithreading tests. However, the Core i-9000 should be able to lead in "lightly-labeled productivity benchmarks" and "many gaming benchmarks". As a "buff" for Core i-9000, Intel recently announced Core i9-9900KS, as well as Performance Maximizer setup software.

The text criticizes the reference Cinebench as it is not "a representative benchmark for the overall rating platform". The man "continues to work with journalists [stattdessen] real applications "for use.

However, Intel has often published its own Cinebench results in the past, without much criticism – but you were even ahead. By contrast, AMD has repeatedly criticized BAPCo SYSmark, where its own bulldozer processors fell due to poor performance with a single slot.

Intel Paper Expects Significant Pressure on Prices and Up to now Very Profitable Xeon Processors for Servers Epic "Rome". The latter works well with the same Zen 2 core as the Ryzen 3000, the CPU core is also in 7-nanometer TSMC production chips. Intel recognizes the technological leadership of these 7-nm chips compared to its own 14-nm technology.

Interestingly, Intel's document does not support the prospects for strong new products in the future with specific announcements. For example, Intel expects desktop CPUs to compensate for the 10-nm "Ice Lake" "Tigre Lake" replacement and to work hard on Ice Xeons, which are probably more cores. and definitely bring more memory channels. However, the authors of the text do not comment on the upcoming products.

Intel seems to be afraid of negative employee reactions due to the unknown lagging behind of competition. As a precautionary measure, the text calls for unity and confidence in the Group's sales and marketing departments. In addition, it is necessary to change the corporate culture (cultural transformation) in order to respond to the challenges (challenges).

For the financial year 2019, Intel expects a decline in sales, also due to price increases. It is unclear how much further reductions due to the elimination of Huawei's sales have already been included.


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