Tuesday , April 20 2021

iPad Pro 2018: Tests compliment design and performance

High-performance hardware raises hope for a "better Macbook". This is particularly opposed to the iOS mobile operating system. "It's a iPad iPad," the examiner concluded.

New iPadPro Generation gets a lot of praise for its powerful hardware. But at the same time it was disappointing the expectations of those who had hoped for a big step in the direction of replacing laptops. "It's still iPad," complains one tester, while another explains the new iPad Pro even better Macbook.

There are no doubts about the pure hardware performance either. Compared to the predecessor, the A10X showed the new A12X processor in the 2018 iPad Pro significantly more power and with a total of 10 billion new state-of-the-art transistors. Even in a one-sided test, the A12X has achieved roughly the same result as the A9x in the first two-core iPad Pro. In the multi-core area, performance increased by almost 100 percent compared to the A10X.

iPad Pro 2018 (image: Apple)

The general aprection also experiences the appearance afterwards apple the margin around the screen down and down, but slightly increased on the sides. The overall performance of iPada Pro is more symmetric, and compared to the previous model, the 12 to 9-inch version is considerably smaller. The Home Button with integrated fingerprint sensor has been removed because the iPad's helicopter's models recognized Face ID and gesture recognition introduced with iPhone X.

It is mentioned almost always to praise audited stereo speakers with volume and volume, through which the tablet PC is ideal for playing the TV. On the screen, the testers showed at least the quality of last year's models or even better. As far as practicable, they experience a new generation Apple pencil that is magnetically attached to the tablet and at the same time fills wirelessly.

On the other hand, the mixed resonance integrates a USB-C connector while eliminating the Lightning connector and headphone jack. Basically, the open USB-C standard has raised great hopes, but all of this was a disappointing but very limited usability.

"A unique USB-C port will not pay dividends before compatible accessories are available," commented Scott Stein at CNET.com. "The USB-C is still pretty messy and weird, so you just have to try things out and see what works for you," says Nilay Patel of The Verge. Specifically, they complain that Apple tablets through USB-C do not recognize external storage media, such as USB stick or hard drive. Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber, who is just singing praises about 2018 iPad Pro, also wins this achievement. For him, "it does not make sense to have an application file, but it does not display the contents of the connected USB drive. It seems malicious."

At a low level of understanding, it is also commonly encountered that the 5K video on the external monitor, but by default on the connected monitor, is only mirrored on the tablet screen. More is possible with the support of each application, as well as single applications, as it states that Apple could allow access to USB disks.

CNET.com finds that iPad Pro is the first in hardware tablet design in many ways, but lags behind expecting a flexible computer: "The iPad Pro really has the power of true computers – and it's really good. It could only be much more if iOS was not so limited . "

The same goes for editor-in-chief of Nilay Patel. "I see many possible ways to give up my notebook and use the iPad Pro as my primary computer," he writes. "Using the iPad is extremely pleasing and comfortable to manage a touch screen computer, but again and again, some unpleasant iOS restrictions have prevented me from switching."

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