Johnny Depp: Big concern for the star – "Dead by Christmas" – Celebrity TV

Johnny Depp: Hollywood Earthquake Message - Dead by Christmas

Johnny Depp: Big concern for the star - "Dead by Christmas" - Celebrity TV

Johnny Depp: Is the Hollywood actor really that bad?

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Johnny Depp he is one of the most successful and popular actors in the world. I have heard for over 20 years Johnny Depp to the worst stars in Hollywood. Movies like "Nightmare - Murderous Dreams" (1984) made Depp a respected actor at a young age. It was followed by hits such as "Scissorhands Edward", "Gilbert Grape", "Fear of Distraction in Las Vegas" and of course the movie series "Pirate Pirates".

But now they are fans Johnny Depp worried! It is said that the "Pirate pirates" star still has a serious alcohol problem ..

Johnny Depp: Any other problems with alcohol?

A supposed friend of the Hollywood stars expressed concern in an interview with the US Globe magazine.

Depp is said to have ordered vodka in his hotel room one evening until 3 p.m. "One bottle at a time," an insider.


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Coffee mug alcohol

The next day, the actor was then invited to the event. In fact, that's where he should start drinking.

A source reports that Depp drank alcohol from a coffee mug. The actor could barely walk after that, the security people had to support him.


This is Johnny Depp:

  • Johnny Depp is an American actor and musician
  • He is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood
  • Depp is especially known for his "Pirates of the Caribbean" series
  • He has been nominated for an Oscar three times, but has never won the coveted trophy
  • Headlines about alleged domestic violence with the former Amber Heard have recently been made
  • The two are currently suing each other


Friend warned: "Dead by Christmas"

In relation to the "Globe," the actor's acquaintance became clear. If this continues to hold up, then Depp will not have much more life.

"Johnny Depp is dead by Christmas," the insider said.


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Alcohol: His constant companion?

Alcohol has accompanied Depp for a long time. In 2013, the actor announced his intention to fight his addiction. Depp struggled with addiction issues at a young age. Depp consumed any drug at the age of 14, Depp once said. But his main problem was never cocaine or other illegal drugs, but always alcohol.

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The other, who knows the Hollywood star well, is Frankfurt-based music manager Alex Becker. Does not share opinion. He explains the "picture": "Fear of death is total nonsense. I talked to him on Thursday, he was perfectly fit. Of course he has a little fun sometimes, but there's nothing to worry about." Becker was good friends with Johnny Depp, so the picture . The music manager and actor toured Johnny Depp with their rock band "Hollywood Vampires" together, even having a friendship tattoo.


These are the most famous films with Johnny Depp:

  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Edward with scissors
  • Pirate pirates
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Murder in the Orient Express
  • Fantastic beasts


Becker image: "See you in LA in January, then make a movie, and in the summer the Hollywood Vampires are on tour again."

Other sources also have high doubts about the representation of the anonymous insider. Depp has made a very neat impression at public appearances recently, and information about events and venues is so vague that it cannot be verified. Compared to the US portal, "GossipCop" confirmed to friend Depp that the story was nonsense.

In addition, the Globe American star in August 2018 is already talking in the grave. There was talk of a "deadly liver crisis". Incidentally, the diagnosis was a computer program that needed to analyze a person's health based on his voice. The actor’s liver has survived 2018 of apparently good health. Hopefully, Johnny Depp and his liver will also be able to welcome the New Year.

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