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Larger taxes, for example on diesel: The Federal Environmental Agency requires an additional fee for CO2

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How can the emission of harmful carbon dioxide be reduced rapidly? For the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the thing is clear: increasing emissions. Revenues are intended for benefits to consumers elsewhere.

The Federal Environmental Agency advocates climate protection with higher tax on fuel oil, natural gas, gasoline and diesel. Their amount should depend on carbon dioxide emissions. Revenues from such carbon additions should bring citizens back by reducing green electricity (EEG) and other return methods. "It's important that we start giving CO2 quickly to the price," Mayor Maria Krautzberger told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

The reduction in EEG tax has "nice side effects" because electricity and other public-based energy-based public transport are more competitive than electricity prices fall. It is important, above all, to allow low-income households to live in a climate-friendly manner and be mobile: for example, financial assistance when purchasing a refrigerator or an energy-saving washing machine.

According to the report, the Federal Environmental Agency believes that other carbon pricing methods are too long. Authorities do not see the political majority for the spread of European trading in emissions, which some EU politicians demand, says a document with proposals of government.

Former Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen has rejected the objection that Germany can only contribute a little to global climate protection. "It is true that, globally, nothing would change if we completely eliminated our share of two percent in global CO2 emissions," he told Tagesspiegel. But developed economies such as Germany would have to deceive developing countries such as China to transform into a climate-free economy economically and socially.

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