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Mario & Ann-Kathrin Götze: The first performance after the wedding – and her dress takes breath away

Mario Götze and his Ann-Kathrin enjoy a honeymoon in Ibiza after a dream wedding. But we can not talk about a pleasant communion: now the newlyweds appeared together with Manuel and Nina Neuer.

Hot kisses, dancing and no fewer than three wedding dresses: star Mario Götze (27) and his wife Ann-Kathrin (29) shared the fans on the most beautiful day of their lives with official video weddings. Last year, a couple married a civic community on June 19, they were secretly welcoming a big wedding celebration in Mallorca – and shortly thereafter flew to the honeymoon on Balearic island Ibiza.

But whoever believes the two pigeons spend a romantic time after a wedding only for two, scams. For the first time after the wedding, the two again appeared in public – in the company of their friends Manuela (33) and Nina (26) Neuer. At the top of the video, we'll tell you what the four of them did on the island and what an exciting dress Gotz's beautiful wife Ann-Kathrin brought with her beautiful looks.

In 2018 the wedding was canceled

And last summer should be all about love. But the mega-break was canceled in a short time! 2018. Ann-Kathrin had to postpone her long-planned wedding because her lover's career plans had the advantage.

Ironically, July 18, the day that was scheduled for their wedding, Götzes Borussia Dortmund flew to a nine-day training camp on the eastern coast of the United States.. The 27-year-old wanted to recommend coach Borussia Lucien Favre.

The decision that should be all but simple, especially for Ann-Kathrin. But it also shows: She stands with her Mary – in good and bad times.

What a scene! Nina Neuer came to the Gotha wedding in white – and with a stunning decollete, as you can see below.

Oh yes! With this sleeveless dress, she celebrated the wedding of the idol

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