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Markus Lanz (ZDF): "That's enough!" Ziemiak was wildly engaged – appointing a moderator


Attack on "Markus Lanz" at ZDF: CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak was brutally attacked during the interview.

  • Attack u Talk about ZDF "Markus Lanz" on Thursday, November 14, 2019.
  • The guests are the General Secretary of the CDU Paul Ziemiak, World Journalist Claudia Kade, Silvermoon singer Stefanie dumplings and Holocaust survivors Hi Cohen.
  • CDU politician Ziemiak is hesitant about that A power struggle in his partyBut in the end he has to admit.

Hamburg – "AKK – Anything can come. And now comes Merz, ”he opened Markus Lanz talk Thursday night, November 14th. But it seems that one week before the CDU party congress on November 22-23 in Leipzig CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak not very well informed about his party's current issues. At least he wants it from Kramp-Karrenbauer promoted CDU politicians from the attack Friedrich Merz that they know nothing against the party leader. And none of the announcements that he wanted to make a "program speech" at the party congress immediately after the speech by Kramp-Karrenbauer himself.

Tubs at ZDF "Markus Lanz": "Honestly – it's annoying!"

When asked who is more Merz's speech at the party congress to decide, he explains Paul Ziemiak in Markus Lanz in ZDFthat speaking time follows the motto "who comes first, serves first." "If Friedrich Merz He rushes forward and throws in a note, "then he could make his speech laterKramp-Karrenbauer wait, says Ziemiak. "But I don't know why this is such an issue," the CDU Secretary General says innocently.

"Mr. Ziemiak, where did you learn the eye opener that you could put it like this," Markus Lanz asks funny but serious. Not only applauds from the audience support Lanza in his assessment of the challenge of this format Ziemiak could not escape, Also Ziemiak himself has to laugh a little.

World journalist Claudia Kade then asks the real question: "Does Adenauerhaus have the party president and you as the secretary general, have these reins in this party still in hand?" – "And you just don't have the impression," the journalist concludes.

ZDF talk by "Markus Lanz": Ziemiak refuses to comment on Merz and AKK

Friedrich Merz Wanting to speak according to the Kramp-Karrenbauer report, so Ziemiak. After a speech by the party president Each party member has the opportunity to speak. In this speech, he understands, Merz wants to speak.

This attempt to artificially mitigate the Kramp-Karrenbauer-Merz conflict succeeded Ziemiak, but did not. Because before the next question is raised by Markus Lanz, the ZDF leader makes it clear that he does not see the CDU talking about content at the party congress. "Even if you say over and over again during the program," says Lanz Ziemiak, it's clear: "It's about one Showdown by Friedrich Merz and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, The question of how long he slaps. "

Ziemiak tries personal discussion deport to the media. Applications are reported less. Journalists then demanded a fight – "against each other". "They will take care of the staffing themselves," Kade says. "Don't act like it wouldn't be exciting for you," Ziemiak charges. Personnel discussion sells better because it's more exciting. Then Kade jumps out, "Honestly – it's annoying!"

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak.

© Screenshot of ZDF

Audience at Markus Lanz in ZDF he begins to hesitate to applaud. Kade smiled slightly ashamed. "Don't think so", Lanz says, before saying," But of course she's a little right. No, he is absolutely right to say that a staff discussion will not be made outside the party. "

Markus Lanz returns to the question: "Who decides, when Friedrich Merz spoke? "Ziemiak is visibly howling." There is a conference committee, "he says. This decides. If you want to talk, you can hand over a piece of paper with your name, these papers would be presented to the conference committee, which decides in what order.

Journalist Claudia Kade is a little embarrassed.

© Screenshot of ZDF

ZDF interview with Markus Lanza: "I don't want to torture you further"

"I don't want to torture you anymore," freed Markus Lanz Ziemiak im ZDF Obviously, who probably doesn't want to comment on whether Merz already took the place of another speaker – long before he could even deliver his speech at the party congress. But Lanz begs him: "How much would you bet Merz doesn't speak to the two?"

"And, he has always been adept", He admits Paul Ziemiak a. But that would not be possible. "It's about what he says in terms of content and what others say and what those statements add to the party's programmatic orientation." The political opponent is to the left and right of the Union, not within the party. Markus Lanz countered: "Do their party members know too?"

It’s nice that his party is so wide, Ziemiak says, “Any other party would be us envy this choice"Lanz and Kade are laughing – and Ziemiak can't restrain himself and giggle." There is no such party many prominent heads "Barz, at this point Lanz has to agree with him."

"Markus Lanz" – ZDF-Talk: There is no collaboration with AfD

Paul Ziemiaks a clear refusal to discuss the ZDF Markus Lanz Collaboration with AfD is encouraging Holocaust survivor Zivi Cohen for approval. He nods, as Ziemiak states, "Now there are people's questions: Why do you call Höcke a Nazi? – Yes, because he is one."

Silvermoon singer Dumpling talks about the fact that political issues are no longer discussed privately, for fear of conflict and inability to listen. "We have to listen to each other again," East German urges.


In the talk show ZDF, "Markus Lanz" reports a lifesaver in distress over dramatic use in the Mediterranean. She describes scenes that break down.

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