Modern Warfare: Battle Royal Comes? A giant leak speaks for it

It has been speculated for some time about the Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Dataminer now creates clarity. Is fashion coming after all?

  • There is already speculation about a possible Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare.
  • Reddit-Leak displays all possible mode information.
  • How many players can play Battle Royale mode at the same time?
  • When does the mode appear in Modern Warfare?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare broke all the opening weekend records. Despite the age of the game series, interest in the first person shooter series does not diminish. Land warfare mode is already being delivered in Modern Warfare Multiplayer battles with up to 64 players, However, the community requires more. They want one Battle Royale mode in modern warfare. That desire could become reality very soon.

Reddit Leak reveals Modern Warfare Battle Royale mode

As a Reddit user has now learned, Modern Warfare will soon expand into Battle Royale mode. User under alias "U / Senescallo" is a Dataminer. This means that it searches for video game files for information.

He has now found some information in the Modern Warfare game files about the upcoming Battle Royale mode. According to the leak, start 15 card zones be available. Among them are already known maps of the land warfare mode in Call of Duty. These cards are certified by Leak:

  • airport
  • boneyard
  • dam
  • downtown
  • gulag
  • hospital
  • stopover
  • wood
  • overgrown
  • port
  • quarry
  • Storage location
  • Supercenter
  • train Yard
  • TV station

Modern Warfare: This is what a Battle Royale map might look like.

© Reddit: Modern Warfare

An option for one Private match it should be. Similar to the usual Modern Warfare multiplayer, it also enters Battle Royale mode Missionary system with subsequent rewards give. It is estimated that only one mission per detachment can be active at a time. In addition, Dataminer already names six different types of tasks:

  • Followed (no additional information)
  • Time period (no additional information)
  • Murder (exclude a specific player)
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Domination (capture a certain point)
  • Random (random mission)

The prey found in the game is divided into five rarities, White, green, blue, purple and gold. All in all, expect a player 20 perks, which are already known from multiplayer. As in Apex Legends, Modern Warfare is also known as the Jump Master, which sets a jump route for its team.

Battle Royale in Modern Warfare: An innovative 1v1 restart system in the Gulag

As in other Battle Royale titles, so does Modern Warfare Respawn token for federations
th include. If you believe the rumors, it flows Re-entry into the Battle Royale of the new CoD in a very special way. If you use one of the raised tokens, the killed commissioner does not immediately get up. Instead, it has to be in one Prove 1v1 with another "dead", This takes on a classic Call of Duty Card Gulag instead of that. The winner returns to Battle Royale.

Fun Fact: All the players eliminated can do just fine watching life and death in a duel and bet on the way out. In addition, all killed players should be given regular opportunity break out of the gulagto return to the 200-bit Royale map. Exactly how this should be done remains to be seen.

How many players can play Battle Royale mode in Modern Warfare at the same time?

According to the leak up to 200 players at a time Play Battle Royal mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Game modes are divided into solo (1 player), duo (2 players) i ordered (4 players).

When does Battle Royale mode appear in Modern Warfare?

Although the leak is very detailed, unfortunately it still misses the Battle Royale release date for Modern Warfare. All that remains is to speculate. Maybe December’s targeting is targetedincrease sales of new CoD for Christmas business. Although "u / Senescallo" used to be very correct with its leaks, these are it To take information cautiously, The information provided may still be modified for release. * already looked closely at patch 1.08 in Modern Warfare. In addition, there are 9 tricks in Modern Warfare for a better K / D ratio.

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