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Munich: Girl (11) was raped – scary new details from the biography of the suspect

An eleven-year-old girl was raped in Munich with a pullover mask. A suspect with a relevant criminal record was arrested.

  • In Munich, Obergiesing was raped on Tuesday by an eleven-year-old.
  • The perpetrator was away.
  • At the press conference, the police informed about the crime and the perpetrator.
  • Police said on Thursday that the suspect might be arrested.
  • The detainee has a relevant criminal record
  • Update from June 29 22:45: Picture on Sunday wants to find out new, shocking details of the suspect in the case of rape of a 11-year-old girl in Munich-Obergiesing: according to the survey, the man had already passed the 2000 year with the child. Then, the 14-year-old granddaughter of "the famous billionaire of food" made unwittingly and raped alcohol. Man is a multiple-proven sexual offender.

    It is well known that the 43-year-old was classified for the last time as unwarranted (see update on June 28). The picture suggests that the suspect tried to "overshadow" the therapist and prosecutor by seemingly harmless behavior. Psychiatric staff described a man as "whiny, harmless and infantile".

    Meanwhile, expert supervision reviews a decision the doctor has endorsed and believes "no longer dangerous". If the investigations reveal the shortcomings in the procedure, "the necessary consequences are considered by the competent authorities", he says.

    Eleven year old raped in Munich – the suspect was safe, experts said

    Update from June 28 at 18:05 pm: Allegedly suspicious action leaves even the loss-making experts. Because: afterwards tzInformation Christoph K. was just supposed to be released from prison.

    Nine years after the last offensive act, the 43-year-old reviewers rated it unsafe – and ordered him to lower the level D. That meant the trained technician was living in the therapeutic residential community and had the right to work as an assistant – the final preliminary step before discharging. Christoph K. had escorted and even got a vacation to try in her apartment. "In fact, he lived in freedom for years," says insider tz.

    Meanwhile, the police secured a cell phone from Christopha K., after tz– Information is reset to factory settings and is now being investigated. By this Friday, investigators also interviewed residents and guests of S-Bahn, but: The Vucja mask has not yet been found.

    15:42: The 43-year-old suspect is in a closed psychiatric hospital. The judge issued orders on Friday to arrest him, the police said. The German allegedly was in a psychiatric hospital in Munich.

    Update from June 28, 2019 to 14:55. The arrest warrant has now been issued against a suspect arrested on Wednesday in the rape of eleven-year-olds in Munich. The police informed Munich.

    Meanwhile, police investigations continue after the arrests. For example, officials of the investigative group Wolf continue to look for clues and evaluate them. In the Fasangarten S-Bahn area, passengers also wondered on Tuesday whether they made any observations that might be related to the criminal offense. In addition, residents were interviewed near the crime scene.

    Meanwhile, the investigative group Wolf could collect 78 investigations. The assessment continues on police allegations.

    For eleven-year-olds and their families, the 105th Commissariats, Prevention and Protection of Victims are cared for.

    11-year-old raped in Munich – Bayerischer Elternverband warns for further investigation

    Update from June 28, 2019 at 6:46 pm Following the rape of eleven-year-olds in Munich, the Bavarian parents' association requires a consistent case audit. One 43-year-old girl was supposed to take a girl on a bush Tuesday and sexually abused. According to investigators of the relevant crime, he had been in the psychiatric hospital for several years before he was living in the therapeutic residential community for the last time. "An isolated case that certainly is not," said president of the parents association Martin Löwe, the German news agency. It is now necessary to examine carefully whether and where errors were made in the assessment of a man. So far, however, it was only possible to guess the failure.

    The alleged rapist of the wolf mask from Munich wanted to fly when he was arrested

    18 hours: According to this information, the 43-year-old Christoph K., a multiple convicted sexual offender who was already in jail and psychiatry, was suspected. DNA traces led the investigators to its track. In addition, they recognized him on video footage while watching the girl at a distance of 20 meters.

    On Thursday morning, investigators tried to arrest K. in his apartment near Grosshader, but they did not meet there. Then they drove to work in Munich. Christoph K. tried to escape. "But officials have prevented it and flooded it," said Ignaz Raab, head of the Commissioner for Sexual Offenders. At ten o'clock, the foxes clicked.

    Who is the beast with a wolf mask? Christoph K. was born in Munich and spent his entire life in the capital. She completed her internship as a technical artist and recently worked as an assistant. According to the investigation, the rapist hit a girl on her way home from work, scraped her to the ground, and abused her on a connecting route to Ami.

    The suspect has sexually abused the child once

    This is not his first crime: in February 2010, the Munich Municipal Court Christoph K. was sentenced to four years and eleven months in prison for sexual abuse of the child. K. had to go to jail because the child passed 17 times.

    After his detention, K. was placed in a psychiatric institution. By 2018 he was in closed psychiatry in Haar. Since November last year she lived in a therapeutic home. His accommodation was recently relaxed. Christopher K. estimates confirmed that it no longer poses a threat to the wider public.

    Gorgeous mistake! Because Wednesday the rapist hit again – and attacked an eleven-year-old girl. from tzInformer Christoph K. was sentenced eight times, seven times relevant. K. is currently in a prison in Stadelheim. He did not want to comment on the charge. The masked mask has not been found so far. Was the alleged rapist presented to the judge.

    The press conference on arrests of suspects after raping 11-year-olds.

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    The rape of an eleven-year-old girl in Munich: Police call details at a press conference

    15:23: The man who was now arrested was an assistant. "It was a normal company," says Raab. Besides, he was a trained technician.

    15:21: The wolf mask, which was worn by a perpetrator, has not been found so far.

    15:15: The witnesses saw a terrible incident – although he did not realize it was rape. "She also pushed her to the ground in the bush," Raab said. The witnesses went and circled and could not see anything for a long time.

    15:13: The suspect who was now arrested had eight complaints, of which seven were relevant, the prosecutor explained. From November 2018, man was in a therapeutic residential community. The suspect was also sentenced. Partly due to coercion, attempts of coercion, attempted sexual abuse and sexual abuse of children in 17 major cases.

    Suspect arrested: Is he raping the wolf masks in Munich?

    Livestream police in Munich

    15:09: Already in the evening, Tattag's tracks were secured, and witnesses were searched and questioned, police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins explains. The investigation has also not been completed.

    15:06: "We came across him for DNA," says Raab. It was found that the body of a girl has male DNA related to tattooing. The comparison with the file resulted in the blow of the suspect. Additionally, you could provide video evidence of the Fasangarten S-Bahn Station. The suspect followed the girl about 20 meters away. And, "They were in the same S-Bahn, they left the Fasangarten, he followed her," Raab said. Then he used the park to "fall on it".

    15:04: An application that would have to be filed for serious sexual assault with rape and most of the punishment with coercion. A man will be presented to the investigating judge on Friday.

    15:00: Because of the results so far, there was a suspicion, Ignaz Raab of Commissioner for Sexual Assault at the Conference of Police Officers said. The suspect could not be found in his apartment. At his workplace in Munich, 43-year-old suspects could be arrested. That's Munich.

    The suspect was arrested. The investigative prosecutor was also on the spot. The suspect and his lawyer do not give any information. Tomorrow he will be shown to the investigating judge.

    Raid of an eleven-year-old girl in Munich: Police arrested suspects

    14:34: All the backgrounds and details of the arrest of a suspect in the case of rape of eleven-year-olds in Munich have been heard since 15 o'clock in the ticker here.

    Update from 27 June 2019 to 14.08 hours: After the rape of eleven-year-olds in Munich, a suspect was arrested. This is confirmed by the Minsk Police. A press conference will be held at 15.00.

    Police in Munich are seeking witnesses for raping eleven-year-olds and showing attendance at schools

    Update from June 27, 2019 to 10:21 pm: After raping an eleven-year-old girl in Munich, the police have received numerous indications from the population in search of a villain wolf fault. Approximately 60 of them are currently being judged by investigators, the spokesman said on Thursday. He was expecting to be still. An unknown man on Tuesday at the Obergiesing Polyclinic in Obergiesing retracted a child to the Greek police, backpacked, and sexually abused. The perpetrator wore, according to investigators, a wolf mask. Officials are present in schools and childcare facilities in the area, the spokeswoman said. An investigative team of 25 policemen is seeking a culprit.

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    Update the clock from 7 pm: It is an act that even experienced explorers seem to be astonished. "I have not experienced anything like this in the past 16 years," says Ignaz Raab, head of the Commissioner for Sexual Sentences 15. In the afternoon, a man with a mask of mask and a white latex glove at Obergiesing sexually abused the girl. "This is a rare, but very serious act," police spokeswoman Marcus da Gloria Martins said on Wednesday.

    The girl was on Tuesday at 4:30 pm with the S-Bahn station Fasangarten on her way to Viking Road. Here the child in the so-called Ami resort used a link that leads through a small green space. Suddenly, the student heard the steps behind her. No-man, however, the masked man attacked an eleven-year-old girl and closed her mouth. Then the stranger dragged her into the shrubs, unbuttoned her bag from her back and tossed her own jacket over her face. The perpetrator pulled his pants off and headed for him.

    Rape in Munich Obergiesing was apparently prepared

    After the fact, the man ordered the girl to wait five minutes – and threatened to kill him and his family if he told anyone. Because he also knows where he lives. After the act the girl ran home and entrusted her mother. That has disturbed the police. The search started immediately did not work.

    Two women who saw the incident from a distance did not recognize him as a sexual assault, police said. With all the options available, Marcus said to Gloria Martins, police are looking for a culprit. The "Wolf" investigative team was set up immediately with ten K15 officers. Police officers are assisted by murder investigators and operational case profilers (OFAs).

    It seems that the man was preparing an act: he wore a white latex gloves wrap around, as they were used in the hospital. He spoke German without accent, probably middle-aged and tall about 1.85 meters. He was dressed in dark pants that crossed his knees, gray shirts, and dark skirts. "We are all interested, for example, if someone noticed someone was wearing a mask or was nervous," says Martins. "We need more eyewitnesses." If you've seen something, you can call 089/29 10-0.

    "Remembers the Fairy tale and the Bad Wolf"

    It is currently being investigated whether the culprit left the DNA despite gloves. The child suffered less physical injuries, but was severely traumatized. Where and how the perpetrator became aware of the child is now the subject of the investigation. The abuse was on Wednesday as a fire. In the vicinity of the crime scene there are several schools in front of which police are increasingly patrolling.

    The passerby said the parents would pick up their kids from the school and look closely at who lived in the apartment. "It's really unthinkable," people say outside the park. Especially the perfidious concealment of the offender with a pull mask. "It reminds me of the Fairy tale and the Bad Wolf. It's so scary.

    Rape in Munich: Police are reporting at a press conference

    Updated 11:47: DNA tests are currently being conducted on girls' clothing. Further information on the track currently does not want to make the police. Two passers-by, who could also provide information, contacted the police.

    The girl was traumatized under psychiatric treatment. The law is well planned, but it is not yet clear whether the child is also a victim of a perpetrator or has chosen a random victim for rape.

    Update 11:39 hours: Police spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martens and Ignaz Raab, head of the Press Office for sexual offenses, are on the ground. As Raab reports, girlfriend (11) was on Fasangarten in the direction of the Viking Road yesterday.

    The girl was raped in Munich: "I know where you live"

    She walked through the park in the so-called "Amisiedlung" when suddenly there was an unknown man behind her. It had torn her to the ground, covered her face with her jacket and raped her. Then he threatened to kill her and her family when she called for help. He told the child, "I know where you live." The child then told the mother about the crime. They immediately informed the police.

    Description of a rapist in Munich

    The perpetrator should be male and about 1.85 meters tall. It is said that he was wearing a "wolves" mask and was a middle-aged voice. Below the masks, the girl was supposed to watch short, brown hair. The man was dressed in a short sleeve t-shirt, dark pants, about three-fourths long, and dark skirts. In addition, they say they wore white latex gloves, such as those used in hospitals. According to the girl, the perpetrator spoke German without emphasis.

    The press secretary has been alerted by Gloria Martens since the crime scene is near the primary school. A special case study commission is currently being established.

    Update 11.30 pm: Due to the actuality of the incident and the perpetrator, the police and the state attorney's office in Munich are currently holding a press conference about raping an eleven-year-old in Obergiesing yesterday.

    First registration from June 26, 10.06 pm

    Munich – As the police reported in Munich, this incident allegedly occurred Tuesday at 16.30 in the southern part of the Obergiesing district on Tuesday. According to the first information, the perpetrator is currently on the run.

    The police announced a news conference late in the morning with more information on facts and perpetrators. We will keep you up to date.

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