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Netflix is ​​fighting for more time – with games

Netflix is ​​considered the pioneer of online video clubs. Meanwhile, many other companies also compete for viewers. Amazon unifies its video service with ship flats, Disney will soon pull Marvel and Star Wars movies onto its own transfer portal, and Batman and his superhero friends will soon be moving to Warner's planned online video. Result: Customers whose taste is wide have to separate more and more subscription subscription money – or simply drop out of some service providers and their content.

It is time for Netflix to search for a new playground. Eleven billion dollars of expensive internal productions should no longer only be available as film material. The American company is striving for a video game market. Netflix experimented with interactive content over and over again for several months.

For example, the company allows viewers to decide which node should embed breakfast cereals, and whether the adventurer Bear Grylls should eat termites or caterpillars in the "Wild West". These were just finger exercises on the way to the publisher of the game.

Netflix has already planned three more games. In the coming months, the role of "Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics" will be released next year, a new clever play for the mysterious series "Stranger Things". And as early as July 4th, the action adventure for almost all platforms will be announced at the beginning of the third season, whose appearance resembles the SNES game.

In our picture gallery are shown some Netflix games projects:

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Netflix wants to win players for themselves

Successfully they call rich income

According to Konrad Scherfer of the Technical University of Cologne, Netflix remains faithful to its offensive game. "The credit is full," media scientist SPIEGEL said. The group is still in the expansion phase. The goal is to grow as fast as possible and attract more users from the younger target group. And that must happen urgently. Because "number of subscribers to the media is final for users".

If the company fails, this is not a bad, risk manageable. If it does not work with the game, the money will be burned, but the damage to the image will be limited, because non-gamers "probably get the content of video games only marginally".

About the success, however, of rich winnings of revenue. The computer games industry has long since taken over the sale of the film industry. Video games each year generate around 70 billion euros. Netflix, who also works on film-hit hit projects like "The Witcher", also wants to make part of this cake. For example, the "Stranger Things" game, available from the following week, costs about 20 euros.

Watching games and shows is not working at the same time

But it is not just about opening up new business areas. Netflix also takes the battle with the industry of precious commodity games: the time of the screen. Video games are harder competitors when it comes to the viewing mum in front of the screen. Because gambling and betting do not look the same at the same time. Netflix must try to remove competitors from the competition. If you already gamble at least Netflix games.

Especially "Fortnite" Netflix steals precious time. In letter (PDF) to shareholders at the beginning of the year, "We are competing with Fortnite more than HBO (and we lose more customers)." Also, the intersection between "Fortnite" users and Netflix viewers is great, both offerings are very popular and keep their fans happy more and more seasons. While Netflix has 150 million subscribers worldwide, Fortnite has about 250 million subscribers, about one third of whom are regular users.

Netflix follows the Disney model

With the first step towards becoming a multimedia company, Netflix follows a model with which Disney also enjoys great success. The heroic appearances are no longer limited to films and series, but are exploited in any form. "Star Wars," "Revenues" and "Toy Stories" licenses not only allow rings, but also promote the sale of video games.

Netflix says it is not about making more money with franchise articles. Take video games very seriously. "Netflix's ambition is to continue promoting the culture of fans around their series and films with their own games," Netflix spokeswoman SPIEGEL said. Work together with talented game developers on several titles. Nevertheless, the series and films have remained the main activity.

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