Friday , June 18 2021

New at Lidl: Customers get a new payment option

In the age of smartphones, cashless payments and the fight against plastics, supermarkets and discount stores need to find new ways to interest their customers. Step to your own application with offers, offers and cooperation. It’s not far. Lidl has now activated the Lidl Pay payment function in the internal loyalty application at the first branch in Heilbronn, as reported by the Lebensmittel Zeitung.

Only the IBAN and the customer’s home address are required for registration. Unlike the versions in Spain and Poland, where the payment function is already active, it is not charged by credit card, but by SEPA direct debit – the payment service provider is Lidl Digital Trading GmbH & Co. KG.

Prior to its introduction in the test branch, Lidl Pay could only be tested in an internal test version – now, for the first time, users can also use the application to pay at the cash register at a discount.

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Lidl: This is how Lidl Pay payments work

Lidl: Payment with Lidl Pay is already possible at the first branch.
Lidl: Payment with Lidl Pay is already possible at the first branch.


As LZ writes, the installation process and the payment itself are relatively simple. At the checkout, the payment function must be confirmed manually once before payment. Purchases are then booked via a QR on screen, which the customer scans.

For existing customers, the appropriate limitation for the direct debit process depends on the history of purchases at branch offices or when making online purchases. Customers without a history obviously have a fixed limit of 50 euros for their first purchase, which must not be exceeded. With each purchase made via Lidl Pay, the limit is raised in turn. Prior to the first activation, the data service provider initiates a brief risk assessment.

In addition to Lidl, stores in Germany also offer Edek and Netto. The Payback app can be used for digital payments at vendors like dm, Rewe, Penny and Aral.

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