Friday , September 20 2019
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Nürnberg finds Leibold's replacement in Bayern

Tim Leibold has been one of the best performers at the 1st FC Nürnberg for years, but now he is looking for a new challenger Hamburger SV for a new challenge. So the Franks have to look for a replacement on the left rear position.

They found what they are looking for in anyone else than in Bayern. Specifically, in the U23's record championship: how FT Learned exclusively, Derrick Köhn's suppressed goal. In Franconia, a 20-year-old could follow Leibold's steps and get caught up in a professional job.

In recent months Köhn has been one of the great names in the other Bavarian team. He played 28 regional matches and gave him two assists. Last autumn, it was still linked to Hamburger SV. The fact that Hanseatics took care of Leibold now could use Nürnberg.

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