Monday , March 1 2021

Office Cartel obviously has no reservations about merging department stores

Karstadt and Kaufhof

DusseldorfAccording to the insurer, the Bundeskartellamt will not put any obstacles in the way of the Kaufhof and Karstadt chains during the merger. The information companies have confirmed Handelsblatt that the Office of Cards will approve the merge plans without a detailed examination.

In the first phase until this Friday, Office Cartel has time to examine the plans. The antitrust agency spokeswoman did not want to comment on the information and sent an expiration date on Friday. A Kaufhof spokeswoman, HBC, said the group was waiting for a security guard decision, spokeswoman Karstadt's owner Signa was unavailable.

The North American retail div HBC and Austrian Signa launched in mid-September a joint venture of two former archives. United companies achieved sales of 5.4 billion euros in 2017 to HBC. Joint investment should employ 32,000 people.

Especially in Kaufhof's workforce, it is concerned that this could lead to numerous job interruptions. Meanwhile, Karstadt's owner Rene Benko has dismissed speculation about massive breaks in Kaufhof during Warenhausfusion.

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