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Pope Francis: First Letter to the German Church 50 Years – Ruhrgebiet

Rome – Pope Francis (82) wrote a letter to German Catholics. He warns that the Church's crisis does not respond to urgent answers: "We are all aware that we live not only in times of change but in the time that opens new and old questions."

The Catholic Church must have more "bites" to fulfill the "soul" of the gospel with life. "Otherwise we would live only with gaseous, vague Christianity," the pope wrote. The historical fact gives special weight to the appeal: there has never been such a letter to the pilgrim God of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).

Franjo complained of "the growing erosion and decay of faith" in Germany. In East Germany, a large part of the population has not been baptized and no longer has any contacts with the church.

Evangelization must always be "our guiding criterion". The Pope has counseled not to see the best answer to many church problems in "reorganizing things," in patchwork and patchwork. He also warned of solo attempts:

President of Germany's Bishop's Conference Reinhard Marx (65) called the papal letter "encouragement" and "a sign of respect for church life in our country". In a joint reaction with the chairman of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Thomas Sternberg, Marx wrote that the credibility of the church has been shaken in recent years. Now imagine the task of restoring that credibility. The Pope points out in his letter that it also requires the spiritual reorientation of the Church "which can not be exhausted in structural discussions".

Sternberg pointed out that the Pope sent his letter not only to the bishops, but to all Catholics in Germany. – That did not happen before. He intentionally writes to all believers and encourages them to do so. "

You can read the letter here.

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Photo: Matthias Balk / dpa

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Reinhard Marx, President of the German Bishop's ConferencePhoto: Matthias Balk / dpa

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