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Ruthie Ann Miles: The woman who overcame her daughter was killed

In March he had to
Ruthie Ann Miles
, 35, seeing her daughter Abigail († 4) hit the car and was killed.

Ruthie Ann Miles: Her daughter was hit on the sidewalk

Together with her daughter and friend and her son, the pregnant singer was on her way back from visiting the church. Then it happened incomprehensibly. The driver of the car crossed the red light, hit the sidewalk and crashed two children. "They turned around like a dog, and the driver just wanted to continue driving afterwards," he says in New York Post. Apparently both children are dead immediately. As soon as it turned out, the woman was not supposed to be in the wheel. Due to multiple sclerosis, the doctor banned her from driving.

Ruthie Ann Miles

After a terrible accident: losing a baby


Ruthie Ann Miles

Shortly after birth she lost her child

A few weeks after the tragedy, Ruthie Ann Miles suffered abortion, probably related to the consequences of the accident. She named her daughter, Sophia Rosemary Wong Blumenstein.
And now the next tragic moment happened in this horrible story. Dorothy Bruns, the cause of the accident, was killed, according to In her farewell letter she wrote that she no longer wanted to live.

Tragedy of fate

Even stars make it hard to live

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