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Sarah Lombardi shocked! Poor attack of Amire from Oliver Pocher

In fact, they had a friendly relationship, but only on a sensitive subject, the spirits are different. So Pochers are now firing against Lombardy.

Munich – Friendship ends here! Until now, Oliver Pocher (41) and Pietro Lombardi (27) were two good friends, but in terms of parenting, the two have opposite views. It seems to be just as true for their partners as they now pull the comedian and his girlfriend Amir (26) at Pietros Ex Sarah Lombardi (26) before. Because while the two are still waiting for their first child together, the DSDS star is already a proud mother of little Alessia. How proud he likes to be on Instagram. Too good a thing, as Oliver Pocher and his girlfriend are.

Oliver Pocher and friend Amira: "It's totally wrong and antisocial."

Expecting parents have a very clear view of publishing their offspring: "Celebrities selling their children on the internet, I find absolutely wrong and antisocial," Oliver Pocher recently told RTL. The former "Let's Dance" is already three-time dad from previous relationship with Alessandro Meyer-Wölden, but has very clear rules regarding social media.

So he announced that his children would not be on the Internet unless they were 15 or 16 years old. An opinion that confirms his partner: "Just take this child into privacy and I think it's irresponsible," says Amira.

Accordingly, the two also show no understanding of the behavior of Piet and Sarah Lombardi, who regularly allow their fans to share the most private moments they spend with their son. Not only has Sarah recently talked in detail about his birthday party, but also regularly publishes joint footage with his Alessi.

Oliver Pocher and Amira cross over to Sarah Lombardi

However, such or similar posts as Oliver Pocher and his Amir seem less enthusiastic. At first Amira was pregnant and still thought to name without a name, but her better half said who had the mind when thinking of negative examples in terms of children and the media: Sarah Lombardi.

So Olivera Pocher's girl should not talk about the intimate details of the offspring. "If you tell your little kids that they will just reach Pampers and still can not be clean, this is not something the internet forgets," says pregnant mother. Finally, a child can be teased for such and similar peer expressions.

If she goes by her, Sarah Lombardi obviously still has a lot to learn. Perhaps this might be beneficial to some of the advice, since some of the rumors of the former DSDS stars have been running tours. Rumors are now raping rap stars Drake. The model raises rape and fetish charges against Drake, such as *.

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