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Saturn free rents another smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in the market in Germany for almost four months. Meanwhile, the price of the super smart phone has dropped significantly. GIGA Editor Peter has looked at the price history of cell phones and tells you where you are currently getting a super smart phone for a low price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 in price drop: Saturn releases another smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10: More than 300 euros cheaper

Updated on 30.06.2019: Saturn's VAT campaign is over, but there is already a new deal with the Samsung Galaxy S10. You get the phone while, but Saturn says it. It currently has a value of 150 euros. So you get Galaxy S10 for 550 euros. Compared to the price, 629 euros are due.

This is how it works:

  • The price of the Samsung Galaxy A20e will be declined, so you will land at 699,99 euros (including a delivery of $ 1.99).

To the action on Saturn

Original article:

Samsung smart phones become more expensive every year. But that does not matter because the fall in prices quickly compensates for growth. If you bought the Samsung Galaxy S10 at the beginning of the market at a price of 899 euros, you might be angry now. Since the market was launched on March 8, 2019, the price of the Galaxy S10 in Germany fell by exactly three months, from EUR 899 to around EUR 600, as shown in the following figure:

With the current action with MediaMarkt, the price of EUR 600 fell below. This is not displayed correctly in the top chart, as the rebate is rejected only in the shopping cart.

In the offer of MediaMark

Samsung Galaxy S10: What makes a smart phone so special?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a good value for money. Compared to its predecessor, it did not diminish so much in equipment if a plus model was used. The S10 also has a triple camera with a new wide-angle lens, has the same, almost borderless design, is also equipped with a large battery and can wirelessly charge other smartphones or devices. It is also very light and comfortable in the hand. The new camera has convinced us in our camera test, as you can see below:

Samsung Galaxy S10 in Camera Test: step in the right direction.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is located between Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e. We tested all the versions:

Samsung Galaxy S10: Should You Strike Now?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has in the meantime experienced the biggest fall in prices. Now it's only in small steps and with special action. That's why it's worth buying now for those who are waiting to make it until the best price is achieved. Below 600 euros for this smart phone are very good price. At the end of the year the price should continue to fall. For Christmas, we could start marking 500 Euros from scratch. Only with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S11 in February 2020, the price will probably fall in the range of 400.

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