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Stan Lee (1922 – 2018): Comic Life – Comics – Culture

Puppeteer, Strippenzieher, Selbstdarsteller: No one has shaped a modern American strip like Stan Lee. Now she died at the age of 95. Obituary.

The old man was a wizard. In one of his many stories, the "Ultimo" manga series, created with the draftsman Hiroyuki Takei, Stan Lee was immortalized in the form of puppets. This Dr. Dunstan is a researcher interested in the depths of human nature as well as the power of the superbe. He created two superhuman dolls that represent evil and good in its purest form. When they attacked the autopilot, the dolls came out of control, the centenary action fantasy began.

This story about Stan Lee offered a puppet the appropriate embodiment of a man who was born Stanley Martin Lieber in New York in 1922 and now dies at age 95. The US media reported on Monday night.

A message that not only should curb many comic strip lovers. Probably no other living author has shaped the American comic strip and billions of fun industry that has resulted as sustainable as Lee – and no one was as controversial as he did. Since the author and editor, inspired by the immense ego, was not only a skilled stripper and narrator with an intent for human heroes and pathetic dialogues, but above all a gifted self-advocate.

As a teenager, he devoured coins and Shakespeare

While many fans still adore the son of Jewish-Romanian immigrants as creators of Spider-Man, Avener, and many other characters, they still considered him foolishly decorated with the creativity of his followers.

In his autobiography, "Excelsior – The Amazing Life of Stan Lee", is an image of creative craftsmanship. As a teenager, he was proud of penny books, comics, Mark Twain and Shakespeare. At the age of 17 he goes to the editor's house of his Uncle, who later became one of the two largest American publishing houses, Marvel.

After the show he invented almost one-time superheroes such as Fantastic Four, X-Men, Hulk and Iron Man since the 1960s, which held the western entertainment industry. Because they do not only have their superstitions, but also their weaknesses and everyday problems and live in a world similar to American reality. In addition, they are younger than Superman, Batman and Co, who previously dominated the genre.

And their adventures were no longer served in the form of shorts, but they spread to epic strips soap, which, besides the overwhelming action and the growing fantasy universe, also have plenty of room for human drama and private troubles of suffering under their exterior life The main characters offered. They provide their readers with a number of projection projections that explain the success of Hollywood blockbusters based on these series to date – in which Lee ended his cameo appearance in age at the best Hitchcock mode.

"I've never seen Stan Lee write anything"

How much was Lee's share of success? Most likely, he acted primarily as an impresario, defeating him as commander of the commander, putting other talents in the service of common cause. "I've never seen Stan Lee writing anything," draftsman Jack Kirby said, whose dynamic style influenced the American strip.

Strip Andreas C. Knigge stated in his standard work "Everything about the Strip": "In fact, Kirby invented new heroes, Lee animated them and gave them human features and their vulnerability." Collaboration with Steve Ditko is likely to be similar to the first Spider-Man adventure and is considered a copier of character but later left the Marvel home publishing house bitterly.

It is convincing that Lee is primarily an intermediary who wanted to create good comics on the one hand and artists working for him, while having to meet the public's expectations at the same time as a changeable publisher, such as Sean Howe in his book Marvel Comics – The Untold Story "suggests.

In addition, Lee explained that he needed a revising mode of comic creation at "Marvel Way," which makes it difficult to clarify the scale between the various parties later: He talked about plans for possible steps to action the following questions, and then the Designer has developed prospects and picture sequences in which the author inserted dialogs.

Stan Lee, unlike his early followers up to his age, has remained vital and very self-confident. After heart surgery, he told his fans a few years ago he had the use of a pacemaker, like Iron Man, in order to secure you for 90 years.

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