Wednesday , March 3 2021

Standing Committee on Vaccination: AstraZeneca vaccine under 65 years of age

Status: 28.01.2021 15:10

From the point of view of the STIKO Standing Vaccination Commission, the active ingredient from AstraZeneca can also be used as a corona vaccine. However, STIKO recommends it only to children aged 18 to 64. Efficacy in the elderly has not been sufficiently proven.

The EU and AstraZeneca are currently working to find a solution to avoid bottlenecks in the pharmaceutical company’s corona vaccine supply. But the active ingredient has not yet been officially approved for the EU. Before the competent European Medicines Agency (EMA) makes this decision, probably tomorrow, the Standing Committee on Vaccination of the Robert Koch Institute has already given its recommendation.

In principle, the Commission supports the use of AstraZeneca – but only for the 18-64 age group.

“Currently, there is not enough data to assess the effectiveness of vaccination at the age of 65,” the commission justified its recommendation. “Apart from this warning, this vaccine is also considered equally useful,” he added.

Does the vaccine work hard in the elderly?

Recently, media reports have caused confusion. AstraZeneca has been reported to have little effect in people over 65 years of age. It is said that desired defensive reactions will accumulate in only eight percent of this age group. The pharmaceutical company immediately denied the reports. “How can you assume that examination authorities around the world approve a drug that has only eight percent effectiveness?” Pascal Soriot, head of AstraZeneca, responded to reports.

Doubts about the vaccine were also contradicted by the Federal Ministry of Health. Eight percent therefore does not refer to the number of people over the age of 65 in whom the vaccine has worked, but to the number of participants in this age group in the pharmaceutical company’s first clinical studies.

According to AstraZeneca, the company released more study data after the vaccine was received in the UK. Therefore, 2000 respondents over the age of 65 participate in these surveys. Two thirds were over 70 years old, the oldest was as old as 86 years old. The study should show that the vaccine is just as effective for the elderly as it is for younger people.

Other vaccines are the most effective

But compared to BioNTech and Pfizer, as well as Moderne, AstraZeneca is still lagging behind in terms of efficacy. Experts confirm that the vaccine is slightly younger than 60 percent effective. Vaccines from competing companies are said to be 94 percent effective.

Like Pfizer before, AstraZeneca has announced that there will be bottlenecks in vaccine deliveries. Difficulties at production sites are to blame. Originally, the company intended to ship about 80 million doses of the vaccine to the EU by the end of March. Meanwhile, only about 31 million doses of the vaccine were under discussion. The EU Commission and AstraZeneca have already tried to find a solution in several discussions – but so far without success.

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