Monday , March 1 2021

The ignorant ignited the refugee ship

In Wittenberg, a refugee ship is being burned in a monument. Whoever ignited it for what reason, is not clear at the moment. The fear of action and time is great.

A refugee erected as a monument in Lutherstadt Wittenberg was ignited by unknown persons on Saturday night and destroyed at a large scale. A 15-meter long boat last year was presented as part of the World Reformation Exhibition as a kind of art facility, police and city said on Saturday. In June 2013, 244 men, women and children left the ship on the entire Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe by boat. Their journey was from Libya to Sicily, it was said. According to police, it is currently being investigated in all directions. A politically motivated act can not be excluded.

"I'm thrilled with this violence"

For Mayor Torsten Zugehör (Independent), which would be the "low point of Wittenberg". Regional Bishop of the Central German Evangelical Church (EKM), Ilse Junkermann, also expressed horror. "I am thrilled with the intentionally used forces against the monuments of humanity, reminding us of humanity and love – just a day reminding reminders 80 years ago of intentional and organized violence against other people, against their belongings and their belongings House of worship," she said loudly . Junkermann called for a clear departure from such violence and not trivializing them.

Towards the city, the control cabin of the ship was completely destroyed and the hull was seriously damaged. Four fire brigades and a fire truck were in use. The rejected boat was set up as a "monument to humanity, the consequences and the rule of law".

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