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The queen was against a divorced Meghan who carried the curtains

What Queen Elizabeth II (92) actually thinks about her new dream, Duchess Meghan (37) is probably her secret forever. Sometimes she should be very positive, and she should open Meghan's easy handling of royal fashion. Insider has now revealed yet another detail about the relationship between Queen and Princess Harry (34): So it is said that the monarch was very surprised that Meghan wanted to wear a veil at his wedding After all, that was already the second marriage of a former actress!

For example, in 2011, Meghan gave Trevor Engelson a honorable child for the third time – two years later, the couple re-emerged. The forty-year dream of head on Meghan's head was said to be queen, according to a report Okay! on-line Therefore they were initially in the eye – because traditionally only women who wear such hats in front of the altar are traditionally allowed: "The Queen he wondered why Meghan had to marry at marriage because it was her second marriage? ", a fugitive from the British royal family spoke.

The 92-year-old said he had warned her granddaughter Harry even before the former suit of an actress. Even Meghan's diadem chosen for the wedding evening should not be pleased with the Queen. "She said," Meghan can not just have everything she wants, gets the tie I give her ", the informant continued.

Duke Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II.Jeff J Mitchell / Getty ImagesPicture Gallery Button
Duke Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II.
Duke Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II, June 2018Getty Images

Duke Meghan and Queen Elizabeth II, June 2018
Queen Elizabeth II, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, July 2018Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, July 2018

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