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VW wants to offer an electric car for less than € 20,000

Car manufacturer VW wants to reach as many customers as possible in five years with a new range of cheap electric cars. "We perceive mobility as a civil right, it must be affordable – and that is Volkswagen's job," said VW Executive Director Herbert Diess of Automobilwoche. VW chief strategist Michael Jost told the magazine that the company is working on an e-city car, which should cost less than € 20,000. "We want to bring such a vehicle to the market in 2023/2024." Range should therefore be sufficient up to 220 to 250 kilometers.

The first, however, is on VW, the launch of the E-Model ID.3 with a longer range of about 300 kilometers, which will be offered for around € 30,000. The first deliveries are planned for spring 2020. Although the VW Group already has several electric cars in its program – such as the Audi e-tron or the e-sports car Porsche Taycan. Purely electric mass production at a lower entry price is still lacking.

Between smart and golf

An electric car with a range of about 250 kilometers and a price of less than 20,000 euros would actually close the supply gap. Although small electric cars such as e.Go Life 60 or Smart EQ Fortwo are already available for around € 20,000 today, their range is only about 150 kilometers. The slightly larger Renault ZOE comes at a price of € 21,900, albeit up to 300km wide – but here comes a battery for around € 8,000.

But that gap in the electric car market will also want to close with Volkswagen's current electric competitors. Because both Renault ZOE and PSA sister models of the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa offer similar values ​​to Volkswagen's current electric hope ID.3: Approximately 300 km is reached in just under € 30,000. And also other manufacturers are likely to bring competitive price range models to the market.

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According to a study from the University of Essen-Duisburg's CAR Institute Discounts, an e-car for just over € 20,000 with a range of about 230 kilometers is currently available from Volkswagen. Because Wolfsburger evacuated before their electric offensive, it is obviously still a camp for older E-models and they rely on low prices.

According to the study, battery-powered e-Golf is currently being pushed to the market with great discounts. According to online sellers, market observers have found numerous deals that come with government support for a final consumer price of just over € 20,000. The € 31,900 electric car offered so far is currently below the list of the cheapest Golf gas burners.

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