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"Wontorra" on Sky in live ticker: Dortmund's chief "Aki" Watzke met Uli Honeß – here's the highlight of the conversation! – BVB

Munich. All football Germany has been discussing after a superb match on Saturday night about a magnificent victory BVB over Bayern Munich.

also Jörg Wontor Chief of the Bvba "Aki" Watzke called on Sunday morning Football on Sky Later, the boss of Une Hoeneß was transferred to the living.

We will keep you in the live football ticker "Wontorra"Until today.

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12:20: Watzke sure: Bayern is expected

"They will solve it," Watzke is sure. Yesterday's games showed that Bayern was expecting.

Matthew also says some titles will go to Bavaria. In the championship, BVB is in a "pole position" but a cup can be obtained.

11:52: Matthew: "He can not bring everyone"

Now Lothar Matthaus is alive as well.

Niko Kovač did not turn in respect of the Champions League match against AEK Athens. The football team in it has no reason to defeat. He also talks about ads for German football.

Did Kovač bring James? Matthew: "He can not bring everyone to it." With Süle national player and Wagner striker, the coach would pull out two breasts.

Wontorra compares the situation with the current BVB situation. There, players like Dembelé rebelled, forced to change.

11.40 pm: Watzke protests retrospectively: "Hoeness is a powerful sports director"

Matthie Sammer's further commitment as a consultant and Sebastian Kehl as head of the licensing department for Watzke says: "We wanted Borussia to be in leading positions." Executives are together in the WhatsApp group. He would not find out the name: "Whoever reveals gets an Investigative Prize."

Hoeness was ridiculed by the number of consultants in the recent broadcast in Wontorri. Watzke was opposed to Wontorras Fargeu, regardless of whether the leader lacked an unmistakable slogan: "Hoeness is a powerful sports director". A clear reference to the excitement of the Bavarian conference a few days ago.

The mess was sitting, the audience laughing loudly.

11:33: Watzke: "Mario is Dortmunder Jung"

Now Wontorra talks about the future of Mario Götze. Watzke: "Will he talk to him?"

Detects New Coach Lucien Favre: "We wanted him last year." However, he clearly states that Matthias Sammer came into question as a candidate for the coach. "He no longer wants to be a trainer."

Watzke sees problems in cooperation with the Swiss? "He owns, but does not stay," says Watzke. Favre is very obsessed with detail. "He discourages players, makes things better." Favre's commitment was the decisive personality of the summer.

11:24: Now Uli Hoeneß is talking

Now Uli Hoeneß was moved to live. First, praise the game after the game: "It's advertising for German football". After losing Gladbach, he was more sorry than after the BVB.

Wontorra asks whether Nico Kovac is behind the defeat. Hoeneß clearly denied that the trainer's question arises. He points out that Bayern has to deal with the injury. So Coman and Tolisso lacked two small, important players.

Takes Nica Kovač from a firearm after Mats Hummels said he was catching the cold and had to play. Hummels made two serious mistakes.

"The doctor said he was capable of acting," says Bayern. Still, Hummels wanted to play. Kovac was in close contact with the international, who said he was fit.

"Süle has already been heated in half," Hoeness points out that the substitute would be ready.

He also announces: "We fight for the championship to the end." During the winter break no new signatures should be followed. Just next year, Bayern needs to change. The current team Hoeneß considers strong enough. Yesterday we had 16 national players.

Uly Hoeness was not irritated, but was really relaxed.

10:55 pm: "Aki" Watzke on "Wontorri" is late and brings unswerving magic

But the manager waited ten minutes before he appeared in the studio.

The guilty was the delay of his plane. It's already started on Twitter with some fun users. It is assumed that "Aki" has overtaken glory after winning 3-2.

When "Aki" Watzke appeared in the studio, he wiped out all the benefits from the room. "They did not want to let me go to Munich, I do not know why," the headmaster said scornfully. Later he added what he really did after winning the top of the match against Bayern. The sponsor received him, praising the high altitude flight to Dortmund.

Hans-Joachim Watzke further explained that withdrawal would be justified. "It was advertising for German football," he suggested in a quick game. You do not have to hide from the English or Spanish league.

10.45 o'clock: football talk Wontorra at Sky starts late

Good morning! We are serious about talking to Wontor live Sky for you! The program promises neat Brinsanz. After all, the chiefs of the two German top clubs are called. "Who" Watzke comes to the studio. Ule Honeß will later become live

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