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16-year-old Avin Ibrahim from Koutsohero Larissa – SKAI (


Avin Ibrahim is 1.55 meters tall, weighing 50 kg, blond hair and brown eyes. She had a purple school bag with her.


On 06/11/2018, at 7:30 am, Avin (op.), Ibrahim (epis.), 16, Syrian origin, disappeared from Koutsohero Larissa.

For this extinction, "The Smile of the Child" was updated on 07.11.2018. And went straight to revealing the details of the baby.

Avin (o.) Ibrahim (et.) Has a height of 1.55 m, weighs 50 kg and has blue hair and brown eyes.
She was wearing a black shirt, black trousers and a black hijab.

She had a purple school bag with her.

Anyone who has some information please contact a children's smile 24 hours a day on the European 116000 Extinct Children Line and all police departments in the country.

Announce press release.

In the eventual finding of Avin (on) Ibrahim (et.), You will be notified of a new release announcement to remove placards from the place they were published.

"Childhood Smile" to activate and approach the missing and threatened children, create, print and publish their posters in parts of the country in collaboration with the Greek authorities.

He also collaborates with the media. and other bodies that could help them find it.

"Childhood Smile" provides its specialized services to every missing child in Greece with the same intensity and meticulous goal of always identifying and returning each child to victims of extinction in a safe environment.

The "Childhood Smile" within the international co-operation that he has developed has knowledge to deal with cases of disappearance of juveniles with professionalism and specialization. Learn more about the International Partnership of the Agency:

More information:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children "The European Children's Line Extinct 116000"

and mail: [email protected]

Amber Alert: 16-year-old Avin Ibrahim disappears from Koutsohero Larissa
Avin Ibrahim is 1.55 meters tall, weighing 50 kg, blond hair and brown eyes. She had a purple school with her …
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