Sunday , April 11 2021

A mysterious ball of 41 kg from space fell on the Bahamas – World

A mysterious titanium ball covered with Russian stamps was discovered on a beach in the Bahamas and is believed to be part of a spacecraft.

The ball, weighing 41 kg, was found by a British woman who was walking on the beach and saw something like a “silver shining moon” emerge from the sand.

“We went for a walk to a place that is not common and I noticed this silver shiny moon visible from the sand,” he told the Independent. “We could see Russian letters from the side, so we started digging to see more, which was a bit bold because we had no idea what it was about,” he added.

While it’s not certain how the ball ended up buried on the beach, some experts believe it may have come from a satellite or a spaceship.

Mark Morabito, president of Virgin Galactic, who is currently training to be an astronaut, said he was 99% sure it was a hydrazine tank from “some kind of rocket”. These drones are used to launch satellites into space.

The Russian text on the sphere indicates that the object has an operating temperature range between -170 ° C and -196 ° C.

Dr Sarah Hudspith, an associate professor of Russian at the University of Leeds, said she believed the item may have come from Cuba, “since Cuba was an ally of the Soviet Union, from which it procured all kinds of equipment”.

Another expert, Dr Martin Archer, a member of UKRI Stephen Hawking, an associate with Imperial College London, said most of the satellite parts returning to Earth fall into the ocean.

“Under controlled conditions, pilots typically tend to have these parts absorbed and destroyed at a‘ spaceship cemetery ’in an uninhabited area of ​​the South Pacific, focusing on‘ Nemo Point ’, the most remote point from any part of the country,” he said.

“But of course, not all satellites enter the atmosphere under such controlled conditions,” he added.

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