Sunday , January 24 2021

At the start line for the 36th Athenian Marathon – The Rules of Traffic Regulations of Greece

With a new record of participation, today's 36th Athens Marathon and parallel races are held, bringing the capital city to the heart of global sporting interests.

With the participation of 55,000 runners, this year's goal is to honor and pass on the values ​​of forward movement, but also to send a strong message of optimism, as 18,750 marathons will go through areas affected by large Serbian fires.

The organization organized by SEGAS and dedicated to the memories of Balkan boxer and peacemaker Gregor Lambrack will also be welcomed this year and runners from 105 countries who will run on the original route starting from the Marathon and ending at Kallimarmaro, 5km and 10km, and the Special Olympics and Games for children.

For the second time this year, top runners – ten men and ten women – will participate in each race of the Greece race in Heraklion, Ioannina, Kastoria, Alexandroupolis, Larisa, Rhodes and Patras.

The struggle in its current form in the classic race organized by SEGAS began in 1983 with the winners of Theophanes Tsimigato and the women of Metaxia Bertzela.

At the same time, Panhellenic marathon championship, where the great names of Nikos Polia in men and Georgia Abatzidou in women, who have seven wins, but are now retired.

Traffic settings

For the 36th Marathon, extensive traffic regulations will apply to most road networks covering the classic route. Specifically, the stop of the vehicle's circulation in both traffic currents is in effect from early morning and depending on the race course, on Marathon Avenue, Stavros Agias Paraskevis, Messogion from Stavros Agias Paraschis to Katehakis at Exit at Attica Way to Rafina and Pallinija, Mesogeonia, from Katehaki to the Atena Tower and its holes in the first parallel, to Phidippidou, in the part between Michalakopoulou Street and Kifissia Street, as well as on its perimeters of the first parallel, in Thebes, between M. Aziya and Levadi, in the brook Mesogeion , in Vasu Sofias, between Kifissia and you, Konstantinos and her first parallel plane, Michalakopoulou, in her work between Ilissia and Mesogeion, in your Konun, along its length in both traffic streams, as well as its perpendiculars in the first parallel Ardittosu, Vas Olgas, in Syngrou, in the part between Kallirrois and Vas Amalia, the stream of Athens, Frantzis, A between Kallirrois and Sygros, flows into l. Sygros to you. Georgiou A, Arhimeda, p. Plastiras and M. Mousourou Street.

At the same time, it is forbidden to park your vehicle. Olgas, Archimedes, Plastiras and M. Mousourou Street, Her. Attica, eg. Karaiskakis, Mesogion, Vas Sofias, Vas Konstantinos and Ardittou, Michalakopoulou, between Messogion and Pheidippidou, Phidippidou, of you. Sofias do Michalakopoulou Street, eg. Panathinaikos Stadiou, Efhorionos, Eratosthenous, between Vas Konstantinos and Eutychidou, Syngrou, in the section between you. Amalias and Ambr. Frantzi, Athanasios Diakou, Vas Sofias, between Vas Konstantinos and Vasilios Amalias, Rizari, between Vas Konstantinos and You, Sofias Avenue, Vasilika Amalias, University, Academy, Charilaou Trikoupi, University and Academy, Riga Ferraiou, between University and Academy, Democracy, from Kato Souli to Marathon, Panos.

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