Tuesday , July 27 2021

Chrome 71 will automatically block pop-ups and other aggressive ads on the Chrome Web site

If you do not like random pop-ups or fake webpage notice while browsing, Chrome will make life easier for you.

Chrome 71 with the next version will be able to block all ads on the web if the browser is considered "aggressive". Such Google ads are false messages, identity theft, automatic switch to another site without user consent, and ads with unexpected areas that can be clicked with the mouse.

Webmasters can see a report page that says any such incidents discovered by Chrome and have 30 days to take over this issue. Otherwise, Chrome automatically blocks every ad on that site.

Google's move is a continuation of the tools that the company presented last year but did not have significant user benefits, as many of these ads use tricks and finally check the appearance of the browser. Google makes it easy for users to disable the filtering of relevant ads through settings if they want to. Chrome 71 will be released in December.


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