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Crazy Missing Mandre Anniversary – Fears of New Disaster Are Still There (VIDEO)

The death toll reached 24 and two thirds of the city was deleted from the map.

A year later, unfortunately, nothing has changed and nothing is old. Atika remains without a flood defense plan, as the projects begin in August will be completed at least 8 months from now. As a result, residents of Mandre dread whenever the sky is dark because they do not know what to … bring the next flood wave to their city.

A year later, there was no intervention in the mountains, where streams were created.

A year later, the city still counts its wounds of 24 dead. A city that flooded again in the summer, June 26, several months after the deadly passage last November.

Mandra: a city built on the streams of streams

Mandra, a city built in captured streams. For decades, two major threats to the streams in the area have been known, but their settlement projects have never been done.

The big stream "Sures" and smaller than "St. Catherine" always had two deadly traps. After years of effort and announcement, the study on the settlement of the two torrents was finally approved in 2016, but remained on paper because nature came and showed its strength.

The big stream flowing in Mandra, "Sures", was the most desirable, with dozens of square meters of electricity built either legally or arbitrarily, the bed was reduced to tens of meters, and a large part of the stream beneath the ground and passing through the small canals. The biggest "offender" of the stream is the municipality itself, which has built a truck litter site.

The catastrophe

Only one and a half hours without snow were passed by 24 people who lost their lives, transferring Greece across Greece.

Strong weather conditions started around 3:30 pm on Wednesday afternoon of Megare and Nea Peramos.

Three hours later, a deadly "torrent" emerged in Mandri, where most of the deaths occurred, and the first firefighter call helped at 6:39.

At 7:00 am, authorities argue that due to heavy rainfall and accumulation of water traffic stopped at the old Athens-Corinth National Road 39km in the Nea Peramos area, and there are problems on the new highway at Corinth.

After a short time, KTEL Ahaje, who worked on the Athens-Patras line, was captured on the highway in Thriassi's node.

He took the Fire Brigade, with his 12 passengers arriving safely.

Images of revelation

The magnitude of the disaster appeared during the day. The only thing everyone could encounter wherever they went was the car wiped out, destroying homes and people who were trying to figure out that the tricks of life were destroyed within a few hours.

The real tragedy began at 10:17 – When the first dead were found

Until 10:17 it seemed to talk about an unexpected catastrophe, but from that moment everything has changed. At that moment it is well-known that 82-year-old 82-year-old discovered and recovered in Mandri was spitting and could not move.

The killer's list started with an 82-year-old woman and ended 13 (!) Days after the death of an elderly person who suffered a heart attack on a day of disaster and was hospitalized.

Human tragedies hit him

Among those 2 people who lost their lives, there were 22 more casualties. Among them is the 36-year-old George Macarun, who talked to his mother on a cell phone when he saw the muddy river approach.

"We're afraid we're drowned" were his last words. He was found dead in the truck he was driving. It was his last time … He was the father of a child for only 3.5 years. Babis Dimitropoulos went fishing with his brother Dimitris. They knew the mountain, they knew the ways. The buoy drew them away without the possibility of reacting. 30-year-old Sotiris Pinis, the father of a three-year-old child. The unfortunate driver's body was trapped between trucks and containers near the Mandriva warehouse, while his truck was almost destroyed.

The following days Mandra looked like a ghost town

Life and destiny were lost under the mud, and those who stayed behind had to face the cold, the damage they suffered to their homes and … the thieves.

The icons you met in Mandra day and night were different.

In the morning, people who were exhausted with discomfort were trying to carry food, water and clean their homes. In the evening, they protected their property from the burglars waiting to grab it.


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