Sunday , June 20 2021

Culture agenda on Friday POLICY

"Emma" Maria Protopappas at the Kefallinia Theater Street.

• "Emma" Maria Protopappas, based on Ema Reyes's book "Memories of Correspondence", was presented at the 2nd Kefallinia Theater Cinema. At 21 o'clock Kefallinias 18, Kypseli.

• His new album, "Piano Voices," was presented by jazz pianist Sakis Papadimitriou on Beton 7 Arts. At 21.30 Pydna 7, Botanic.

• Zoe Tiganouria presents a performance of "So Life" with a 16-member group. At 21 o'clock El Convento Del Arte, Virginia Benaki 7.

• Three Charisma musicians, Bad Seeds Hugo Rees, Walkabouts Kris Eman and Baba Zula, Dirtmusic, encounter an unexpected music journey. At 21.30 Temple. Iakhu 17.

• The questions related to history teaching and public education will be discussed at the "Cleo School" organized by the Greek Historical Education Group. At 16.30 pm the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, 50 academies.

• Costas Evangelato's exhibition "Ideomorphic Arrests" was opened at the Museum of Athens, the Vouros-Eutaxias Foundation. At 7 pm 7, Paparrigopoulos Street, Klaathmonos Square.

• Alkinoos Ioannidis with a solo listening and participation program begins a series of performances. At 22 o'clock the live cell, Epir 48.

• Mariza Rizou in songs from her discography has so far come to the crossroads in the south. At 22:30 Tharypu 37.

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