Tuesday , June 15 2021

Dudelanza players have unconsciously created a chaos with their gesture Europa League and Olympiacos

The team's expedition from Luxembourg with regard to the current match of the European League of Champions had a chance to visit the Acropolis.

On one of the photos taken on her Facebook page, it appears that two Dudelant players appear on the Acropolis and show gestures on the "Albanian Eagle". This in itself was enough for many Olympios fans not only to get in the position and to start negative comments.

However, there are two Germans in the photo. Patrick Stumpf and Daniel Jensen!

In fact, like many of the negative comments Dudelanz made on Facebook, people from the group took a photo of the official site.

* The original version of the text created the impression that two Dudelands players formed an "Albanian Eagle", so there are many negative comments under Dudelanc's post on Facebook. It turned out that two German players from the Luxembourg team were in the picture.

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