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Durmurai: "Tradition" … says one goal of every two games! | Super League 1 and Olympiakos

Piraeus has recently been a resident of Phiri Dourmassai and is on paper urging him to continue … the tradition that brings the square to send good aggressors to the Olympiacos. Of course, with reluctance, because we must not forget that in Panionios, over the last few years, we have been invited to follow our sales policy so that we can financially recover.

The 22-year-old striker, therefore, walked to George Masoure's footsteps that made the same route last January, as in Karim Ansarifar, about 2.5 years ago, more precisely in January 2017. These are the last two "front" cases. "It brought" blue-red "and carried" red and white "and for both signs was extremely positive …

Iran came to our places in the summer of 2015, when it had restrictions on transcripts in the square, and was one of the three "big" who then had the right to acquire. In the 1.5 season season he found a goal of 15 times and against about 400,000 euros, he grabbed the "harbor." After "first-time" first-hand, "2017/18" was the second best goalkeeper (17 goals) and was among the top Olympiacos. From which he went with the prize in his handheld and 21 goals in the cumulative 46 appearances. All in all, we've played 3.186 & # 39; and if we do the relevant divisions (3.186 & # 39; / 21), it & # 39; translates & # 39; into one goal each 152 & # 39;

The 25-year-old rider on his side left in Piraeus in the middle of last year, and "blue-and-white" players invested around 600,000 euros in the fund. "Lavraki" of Ilysiakos with a constantly improved image, has been the top of Panionios for the past years. And in the "wings", in the shaft and / or in the shape. In addition, he exclaimed with "good morning", plunged into the depths, I swam … he did not seem angry. In its 16 appearances and 928 & # 39; achieved 4 times, though it was only 10 start-ups.

Actually, given the performance of Ansarifard, Massour, Durmisay is expected to achieve at least one goal in two Super League games. Both teams had similar scoring rates with "red and white" jerseys in the championship, and more specifically, Iran achieved 2,368 and 17 goals (1/139 & # 39;), while Masoure's score was 580 & / 4 & # 39; (1/145 & # 39;).

Yeast is there and he's in … the young leg to make the difference.

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